Blogging Secrets to Power Your Community – Part III

In the final edition of Blogging Secrets I wanted to focus on some common sense approaches to powering your community that may not always remain obvious, but are absolutely necessary in driving your success.

  1. Politely and non-intrusively share your posts via social platforms. If using Twitter, try asking a question, then provide a link to the blog post to get feedback. Don’t link the blog posts automatically – not every post will be Twitter-worthy and you don’t want to appear robotic without care for your community.
  2. Facebook and LinkedIn have a variety of tools to integrate your blog into Facebook. Try them out!
  3. Provide outgoing links to other blogs within your niche as often as you can.
  4. Mingle and leave sincere comments on other blogs often. Adding valuable comments to other writers posts help develop friendships.
  5. Don’t forget to comment in response to your own readers. Conversations with your readers turn them from readers into a solid and loyal community.
  6. Feature your community. Consider linking to one of your readers in a featured mention or even provide guest blogging options for others to participate on your blog.
  7. Deep link to some of your older posts occasionally. It’s often still useful to new community members and can be regenerated for your newer, stronger community when your smaller readership likely enjoyed it the first time around.

Is there anything you have learned along the way that helps to power your community that I may have overlooked?






2 responses
  1. daniel bogogolela Avatar

    i would like to thank you for your unending advise. please keep it coming.

  2. John W. Rivard Avatar

    I have found leanving comments on other blogs generates very good response for the time taken. Thinking the comment through often provides material for an article of my own, as well. Other blogs regularly send articles to use as guest blogs and/or ask to use my posts. Cemments generate some of the best response for my time. There is also what I learn from reading the post before commenting.

    I also provide outgoing links to any source of information or ideas that are not common knowledge. The occassional “thanks” received from the sources or from readers who discover a new source of info makes it well worth the time.

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