Confidence vs. Arrogance

Confidence stockxchngeConfident people are very attractive. They have an air of self assurance about them. Arrogant people, on the other hand, can be a turn off. They’re not sure, they’re cocky. They use their arrogance to hide insecurity. Confidence can land you a gig, arrogance can cause you to lose out.

Here are a few more differences between people who are confident vs. people who are arrogant:

Confidence is knowing you’re up to the task. Confident people don’t have to wonder if they’re qualified to pitch for a job. They’re always sure about the job they can do and convey this to the potential client in an equally assured manner. They know why they’re a perfect fit for a gig and tell the client in a calm, clear manner. Their resumes show a long list of happy clients.

Arrogance is saying you’re up to the task. Arrogant people are abundant in bravado but lacking in substance. In a job interview an arrogant person won’t talk about why he’s best suited for the task. Instead, they talk about why the other people are wrong for the task. Arrogant people don’t know how to talk about themselves without insulting others.

Confident people share details. They answer questions without a lot of “me,” “me,” “me.”

Arrogant people: Brag.

Confident writers hope potential clients recognize their ability.

Arrogant writers criticize anyone who doesn’t appreciate their greatness.

Confident people aren’t worried about competition and don’t mind sharing the tools and stories leading to their success.

Arrogant people use their skills to talk down to others.

Confident bloggers teach.

Arrogant bloggers condescend.

Confident people keep an eye on their fellow writers and bloggers but don’t consider themselves competition.

Arrogant people bad mouth others to prop themselves up.

Confidence: You walk.

Arrogance: You strut.

Confidence: People take notice.

Arrogance: People roll their eyes.

Confident writers offer respectful disagreement when their thoughts don’t jibe with that of another writer.

Arrogant writers point fingers and call names but never make a point.

Confident writers have the faith and the ability to meet their their clients’ needs.

Arrogant writers: It’s their way or the highway.

What are some of the difference you see between confidence and arrogance?








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  1. Chris Avatar

    Arrogance is always about one’s self. Confidence is often placed outside one’s self. Goliath was arrogant. David was confident.

  2. Jodee Avatar

    People who are confident focus on others – what they can do to help their clients or help the client meet their needs. Arrogant people are into themselves.

  3. Jodee Avatar

    @ Chris: I think our comments crossed, LOL!

  4. Camesha Avatar

    Lovely post:) I believe there is a fine line between the two. Sometimes being over-confident can come across as arrogance.

    When all is said and done we have all had moments when we have been confident as well as arrogant. I know I have;)

    This post definitely put things into perspective. Thanks Deb!

  5. Regis Avatar

    Confident writers acknowledge the possibility that they can be wrong and value other’s opinion as a possible source of learning and betterement.

    Arrogant writers, even when talented, will waste their abilities in trying to convince all and everyone, and have the belief that a subject is close only if all agree with them.

    Confidence is wisdom to recognize one’s limitations, and maximize on abilities
    Arrogance is foolishness to ignore one’s weaknesses, and underuse useful abilities

    Thank you for the post.

    1. Phil Avatar

      I’ve known writers who would object if an editor changed a single word of copy. But then again, I’ve known editors who have changed copies just to show they were doing something.

      1. Regis Avatar

        Hence the fine line between the two attitudes, if the writer recognize the positive input of the editor and accept the minor changes, that shows confidence in the overall work, resistance to improvement is often a sign of arrogance. Same goes to an editor who makes changes for the sake of recognition,it’s not only arrogance, but desecration as well…lol

  6. steven Avatar

    Loved this.

    Confident people let their work speak for itself.
    Arrogant people speak for their work.

  7. Alicia Avatar

    Loved this piece! To add to the other comments: I have found that arrogance is normally extremely close-minded where confidence is open to outside input and suggestions for improvement.

  8. Tania Mara Avatar
    Tania Mara

    This is a brilliant post! So true on so many levels!

    The only thing I don’t totally agree with is the part about arrogance being used to hide a writer’s insecurity. Many people are confident and arrogant at once. These things aren’t mutually excludent. Unfortunately.

    Other than that, this post portraits arrogant writers faithfully. I’m going to share it with my friends.

  9. Shari Smothers Avatar

    I came by this great post by way of another great post, “Positivity Rocks.”

    “They use their arrogance to hide insecurity.” Years ago, I had this conversation with a friend who defended arrogance and called it useful. I never got him to see that it was more offensive and off-putting than any contrived benefit he named. It was amazing to hear his arguments.

    I would add a next level of insecurity: they hide inferiority. Arrogant people know that, and where they fall short and want to overpower others with blustering words. Whereas, a confident person sees his short-falls as areas to improve, and to reach out for resources to mitigate any foreseeable difficulties.

  10. Johnny Avatar

    Nice article. Arrogance is textbook for people with little or no self esteem. I don’t think there is more of a contrived trait then that of projecting arrogance, which is nothing but a defense to cover up the fact there is latent self loathing. I live in L.A., and sadly, people actually boast, and yaks pride in being tagged as arrogance.

  11. Danijela Avatar

    Confident people do not need to exaggerate themselves’achievements.It’s normal for them to be on the top of the task.Arrogant people always need to make ordinary activities of themselves so special and remarkable.

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