Copyright 101 for Freelance Writers at the Writer’s Success Resource Center

The Writing Success Resource Center is a joint venture between FWJ and Poewar, and sponsored by Demand Studios. Today’s addition to the series is by Jonathan Bailey of Plagiarism Today and is called Copyright 101 for Freelance Writers. Jonathan covers the basics and tells you everything you need to know about writing for the web. The article is in FAQ form so you can find the questions and answers you’re looking for without a lot of digging around

I hope you enjoy!






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  1. Issa Avatar

    I just read the post entitled, ” Copyright 101 for Freelance Writers, ” and I’d say it’s a well-researched post made for the rest of us who are having problems with jargon. Thanks a lot! At least, now I know more than what I really understood about copyright and all.

  2. Sandy Avatar

    Great Post. Very well researched and informative.

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