Creating a Stunning Online Writing Portfolio

If you are a freelance writer, then it is likely that most of your business comes from clients that you have never seen face to face. A freelancer’s office is, for the most part, online . . . and online is where you “meet” the people you write for. As a freelancer, it is important that you are always looking to grow and expand your business, so as to create for yourself a stable and reliable income. Therefore, you should have a virtual presence to use as a marketing tool for procuring clientele. Your best advertisement is your writing, and the best way of showcasing your writing is through a portfolio. Your writing portfolio should inspire clients to hire you, and should be readily available on the world wide web. Here are some guidelines for creating a stunning online writing portfolio:

Keep it simple. Don’t complicate your viewer’s experience with distracting imagery and superfluous language. Your writing should speak for itself, so let it speak.

Organization. Imagine you are visiting your online portfolio: Is it easy to navigate? Can you understand the exact purpose of the site without having to explore for it? If you can’t answer yes to both of these questions, then you need to rethink your portfolio’s organization. Everything should be readily available to your visitors from the landing page.

Quality versus quantity. Don’t ever put a piece of work on your portfolio site just for the sake of adding content. Remember that one awesome piece can land you a job . . . but ten so-so pieces will only prove that you are a so-so writer.

White space. You need plenty of it. It keeps your portfolio clean, professional, and easy to read. Also, it just looks nice.

Web-hosting. If web design isn’t your thing (after all, you are a writer), then there are many web-hosting services like Vistaprint and Freelance Marketplace that will host your portfolio for a minimal fee, and that provide you with free portfolio templates. Simply fill out your bio, upload your image, and post your example pieces.

Perfect makes perfect. In addition to examine your writing acumen, potential clients will also be sizing up your portfolio as an example of the type of work you do. What does that mean? It means your online portfolio should be mistake-free, well thought out, and executed to the full extent of your capabilities. Your name is on your portfolio, so you need to keep in mind that your portfolio is also an example of your work.

Creating an online portfolio is the next logical step in expanding your freelance writing horizons, and it doesn’t have to be a complicated venture. Follow these guidelines to create an online portfolio that gets attention, impresses visitors, and lands you new and exciting writing gigs.

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Leiselotte Weith is a freelance writer who knows the importance of a strong online writing portfolio. When she’s not helping other writers succeed, she can be found writing about personal finance, loan sites and bankruptcy issues.






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