Do You Care About Your Clients’ Business?

How much do you care about your clients’ business? And what does caring have to do with getting hired for a freelance writing gig? Plenty.

I believe that success is based partly on having a certain amount of raw talent but it’s mostly about showing up, doing the work and developing good relationships with the people you work with. Part of having a good relationship with your clients is caring about them and their business.

You may be hired to provide a writing service, but what you are really doing is helping your client solve a problem. They may be looking to draw more traffic to their web site, increase sales by putting out a brochure that persuades a prospect to contact the company or put a human face on their company by asking you to write blog posts.

If you were the client and you had the choice between two writers of equal ability, would you hire someone who only did what they were asked to do (no more, no less) or would you give the nod to someone who took the time to ask about your business and what you are trying to accomplish?

Let’s not get so caught up in trying to be cool that we forget to care about the people we work with. They are the reason we’re in business, after all.


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  1. Michael Gonzalez Avatar

    They pay me to do there work, I want them to have great success. In turn they can get me more business.

  2. Issa @ Ajeva Avatar

    Jodee, you make perfect sense here and having this T.L.C. or going the extra mile have worked for me best -where I don’t only get repeat clients, but they decide to keep my services for long term that I don’t have to worry about slow times at all. I guess, even if we’re working on a virtual plane, we’re still humans and a little caring won’t hurt, especially when you will be a part of the success of the person or business you’re working for – where the income you earn is a bonus for a job well done.

  3. P.S. Jones Avatar

    I agree that you should work as hard for your clients business as you would for yours. But I think that a more common problem are freelancers who are far more invested than than they should be. They take personal offense when the client doesn’t want to go in their direction or spend too much time focusing on parts of the project they weren’t hired for when the client has made it clear he’s not interested. It’s a fine line to walk. You want to be as useful and helpful as possible without forgetting that your freelance business is your actual baby.

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