Do You Have a Blog Mission Statement?

As we close out a year that has been so economically unstable, I am looking toward the new year with hope and dreams, larger then life!

While pondering those things I can and should do differently, my mind kept returning to the words Mission. Statement.

Essentially, the starting point of every great idea or endeavor is a vision of what you want to accomplish. That vision is your “mission” and THAT mission should be conveyed to your readers.

While most would and could argue that the objective of every company is profit – profits and revenues are based on performance not on the mission.

A mission statement should be clear and represent the overall purpose of your efforts beit blog, company, service, whatever the case may be.

So why exactly do a blog need a mission statement?

One: because it will serve as a guide to the author. A mission will help the author define what should be writen, what should not be written, where to find information, plan promotional techniques, etc.

Two: Having a clear vision about where you are going will help you set goals that help you get there.

Do you have a mission statement? Now is the perfect time to develop your own mission statement and start the new year with a clear, concise plan to help achieve your goals.






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  1. Carol Avatar

    My blog is dedicated to helping writers earn more.

    Great post — I think it’s a dividing line between personal blogging and a blog that could earn for you, when you think of it as having a mission of service to readers.

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