Do You Interview Potential Clients?

When you are communicating with a potential client, do you take the time to interview them to make sure that both of you are a good fit. I admit that when I first started out, anyone with a pulse and a checkbook looked good to me. At that point, I was more concerned with getting someone to hire me than thinking about whether our working together would be a good fit.

Over time, I started reading freelance writing jobs more carefully to get an idea of what the client wanted before I applied. When I got a response back about the possibility of working together, I went over any additional instructions and the time frame carefully to make sure that I could deliver what the person was asking for.

A couple of times I’ve had to tell someone that I don’t think I’m the person they are looking for once I’ve received more information about the project. It’s better to tell someone up front if you don’t feel you would be a good fit than to start working and either do a half-assed job because you aren’t feeling the love or quitting altogether because you got bogged down for some reason.

Do you take the time to ask a prospective client questions about what they expect from you? Do you share the same kinds of information with them? Spending a little extra time to figure out whether both of you can work well together means that your work will flow more smoothly and help to make the experience more pleasant for both of you.


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