Do You Need Help With Your Finances?

Don’t we all? There is always room for improvement in personal finance, after all. And, even if you have it all together personally, you might meet clients in the personal finance and stock investing space.

As such, we thought you’d find these personal finance and stock investing books of interest.

This collection of personal finance and stock investing books is from Wiley, and are sure to add to your knowledge of the niche. Worth $616 in total, you can get all the titles for only $15 until December 14, 2020.

You don’t even have to spend all of $15 to get some titles. For $1, you already have access to the following:

  • Common Stocks and Common Sense: The Strategies, Analyses, Decisions, and Emotions of a Particularly Successful Value Investor
  • How a Second Grader Beats Wall Street: Golden Rules Any Investor Can Learn
  • Making Money Simple: The Complete Guide to Getting Your Financial House in Order and Keeping It That Way Forever
  • Morningstar’s 30-Minute Money Solutions: A Step-by-Step Guide to Managing Your Finances
  • Work Your Money, Not Your Life: How to Balance Your Career and Personal Finances to Get What You Want
  • Family Inc.: Using Business Principles to Maximize Your Family’s Wealth

If you want to expand your knowledge to cryptocurrency and financial tech, as well as dig deeper into investing, pay $8 to get these additional titles:

  • Personal Finance in Your 20s & 30s For Dummies
  • Cryptocurrency Investing For Dummies
  • Online Investing For Dummies, 10th Edition
  • Spenditude: A Life-changing Attitude to Money
  • From Here to Financial Happiness: Enrich Your Life in Just 77 Days
  • The Savage Truth on Money, 3rd Edition
  • The Elements of Investing: Easy Lessons for Every Investor, 10th Anniversary Edition

Improve your finances or add to your niche-writing knowledge by getting these personal finance & investing books.

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