Don't Neglect Your Current Clients While Looking for Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance writers are always thinking about finding their next project. We send out queries, send out pitches to prospective clients and check out the job boards looking for our next gig. While we need to thinking about where then next gig is going to come from, we shouldn’t ignore our existing clients as a source of work.

One way to increase the chances of being hired for future projects is to give your clients your best effort on the work they have already assigned to you. Delivering what they have asked for, on time, will put you on the short list the next time they need to hire a freelance writer.

When we think about finding freelance writing gigs, too often we focus on finding more clients or new clients. It takes more effort to find new people to work with than it does to focus on keeping your existing clients happy and wanting to work with you again. Your existing client base can also be a wonderful source of referrals, so don’t ignore this source of freelance writing gigs that is readily available to you.





3 responses
  1. Krista Avatar

    Agreed, Jodee. After 3 years I rarely have to market because I’ve got a handful of wonderful clients who provide me with steady work!

  2. Leslie A. Joy Avatar

    Exellent point Jodee. In the same vein, I try to segment my work so I do my work for clients first and search for jobs later. It allows me to focus on the work for the client, but allows for time for marketing, networking, and job searching, all while knowing my clients work is complete.
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  3. Megan Eaves Avatar

    Great advice. Like Leslie, I am learning to finish the work I’ve got going before searching for new jobs. It is still tempting, though, to continue to put feelers out, especially when you have that nagging feeling of “What if I’m missing my next great opportunity right now?!”.

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