Famous Writers and Their “Opposite Habits”

famous writers habits

They say that writers are creatures of habit, and while that may be a generalization, there is certainly some truth to that. We do know that some of the most famous writers have their own quirky habits.

Mark Twain liked to write lying down. Ernest Hemingway liked it the other way round – standing up. J.D. Salinger wrote naked.

You probably have your own weird habit, which you may or may not want everyone to know. (Don’t worry, we can keep a secret.)

Here’s a fun infographic about famous writers and their “opposite habits”. I say opposite because it compares the writers and how they do things differently. For example, Robert Frost and Franz Kafka wrote at night while Victor Hugo and Goethe liked to write in the morning.

Some writers live(d) on coffee, while others live(d) on tea.

Take a look. I’m sure you can relate.

(If the image is too small, just click on it to see the full size.)

famous writers habits

So which writers are you most like?

Infographic credit: Bid4Papers





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