Fantasy Writer’s Week Is Coming Up!

Fantasy Writer's Week 2022

Last year, we shared an awesome event – ProWriting Aid’s Fantasy Writer’s Week 2021. As we look at the end of February, we’re also excited for this year’s version of the event.

Hang on to your brooms and wands, folks, Fantasy Writer’s Week 2022 is happening February 28 and will end on March 3.

What is Fantasy Writer’s Week all about?

Register for ProWritingAid’s Fantasy Writers’ Week, Feb 28 - Mar 3!

It does what it says on the tin…it’s an entire week dedicated to people who love all things fantasy, with a special focus on writers. Whether you have experience writing fantasy or you are at the beginning of your fantasy writing journey, this event is for you.

During the week, you can:

  • Join 17 live sessions with fantasy authors and writing experts
  • Take part in daily networking events to meet other writers and join in on fun challenges and activities
  • Sign up for the Fantasy Writers’ Fellowship Facebook Group for even more exclusive fantasy-writing content

Oh, did we mention that this is for free?

Let’s look at some of the live sessions in which you can learn directly from fantasy authors and writing experts.

The Secrets of the Fantasy Genre
Presented by Pages & Platforms

Developmental editors Anne Hawley and Rachelle Ramirez of Pages and Platforms present how to build, evaluate, and improve your fantasy story using four tools: marketing categories, story types, essential story elements, and world-building.

You will learn how to evoke empathy for your characters, create tension and excitement, provide emotional satisfaction for your reader, innovate within the fantasy genre, and finish a professional draft of your story.

How to Start World-building and Writing Your Novel
Presented by Janet Forbes and Dimitris Chavlidis

Published authors Janet Forbes and Dimitris Chavlidis take you on a step-by-step guide to world-building your own settings – and how to start new novels – in Fantasy and SciFi settings! From finding inspiration and setting the foundations, to developing your plot idea and choosing the perfect main characters, this seminar walks you through the process of fleshing out your idea so YOU can get on with writing!

The 4 Fundamentals of an Immersive YA Fantasy Novel
Presented by Stephanie BwaBwa

In this webinar, you’re going to learn the four fundamental elements you need to craft an immersive, and unforgettable, YA fantasy novel your readers will both re-read and recommend to all their bookish friends.

You view the full schedule for ProWritingAid’s Fantasy Writers’ Week here.

Full Schedule for ProWritingAid's Fantasy Writers' Week

If you can’t make the live sessions, don’t worry! You can access their recording at a later time. You just have to make sure you register for the event.

Ready to write and sell your fantasy book?

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