Are You A Freelance Writer? Read the Ultimate Secret to Enhancing your Freelance Writing Career

Are You A Freelance Writer? Read the Ultimate Secret to Enhancing your Freelance Writing Career

Are You A Freelance Writer? Read the Ultimate Secret to Enhancing your Freelance Writing Career

The path to a profitable freelance writing career is paved with trials and tribulations. One of the most difficult challenges that a freelance writer has to overcome is finding – and getting – a high-paying writing gig. Due to the competitive nature of freelance writing, seldom do writers get a job that pays good money. As a result, some are forced to take up low-paying jobs in order to work their way up until they find a more profitable writing job.

If you’re one of these writers, it’s time to stop getting gigs that have low payouts and get a writing job that pays you the amount of money you deserve! All you need is to find the ultimate secret to boost your freelance writing career to heights you never thought possible.

Are you ready to find out the secret?

You need to set up a personal blog.

Shocking, isn’t it? While this may not be the secret you’re expecting, this is indeed the best and most effective way to get more gigs that have high payouts.

Before we get started, however, you need to learn how to set up your own blog. For this, read this comprehensive guide by On Blast blog. You’ll find practical tips such as what your blog will be about, what blogging platform to choose, and more.

Below are ways your personal blog will boost your career as a freelance writer.

Increase your chances of getting hired

A blog is meant to showcase your writing skills to prospective clients. The content you write on your blog serves the purpose of showing potential employers that you produce grammatically correct, informative, and actionable articles. Also, writing on your blog is a way to refine your voice as a writer, which is just as important as the other qualities mentioned above.

Action: The challenge of writing for a blog is to produce articles on a consistent basis. In this case, you need to read “How to Plan Your Content for Maximum Productivity”. The article will teach you how to develop an editorial calendar and produce content for your ideal customer.

Showcase your expertise on a topic

Writing blog posts about a particular topic will show people where your specialty lies as a writer. As a result, you can target clients looking for writers about the topic of which you are knowledgeable.

Action: To find out which topic you should write about, you need to find where your passion lies. For instance, if you’re an avid fan of the inner workings in the IT industry, then you can write about the latest IT news on your blog. Being passionate about something makes it easier for you to consistently produce articles on your blog, despite writing about the same topic.

To further help you determine which topic to write, read “3 Step Plan to Find Your Perfect Blog Niche Topic”.

Extra Income

Maintaining a blog while employing different and effective money-making tactics won’t be profitable at first. Over time, however, it will help you earn self-sustaining income to support your freelance writing career. Better yet, if you become wildly successful at blogging, you can earn more than enough money with your blog.

Action: You first need to find out the ways on how to make money with your blog. Make Money Blogging is a good resource to learn more specific details on how to make money with your blog.

By following the actionable items above to assist you in setting up your blog, you can enjoy more – and – better job opportunities to become more financially successful as a freelance writer.





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