Freelance Writing Jobs Now Available as Droid App – iPhone to Follow

Thanks to the team at Mother App, the Freelance Writing Jobs network is now available as a Droid App. The App features the daily job list, standalone jobs posted here and blog posts from the home page. It’s free to download. I did see one little glitch, instead of posting a thumbnail from FWJ, one of advertisers’ images is showing, but hopefully that will be resolved soon.

If you have a Droid and download the Freelance Writing Jobs app, please let us know your thoughts and how it works for you. We’re also working on an iPhone app so please stay tuned for that.

Once again, you can scan the app here, or search the Droid Marketplace for “Freelance Writing Jobs.”

Edited to add: I did see a couple of reviews for the app saying the links don’t work. They worked for me, so I’m wondering if it’s a phone by phone basis? I did write to my rep at the MotherApp team and request they look into it.





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  1. Phil Avatar

    I don’t use either, but think this willl definitely benefit those who do.

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