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Corridor Robin Parrish
I believe that writers need to continue to improve themselves, and one way of doing that is to read, read, and read some more. When it comes to reading, I can read practically anything (except fashion magazines, maybe), but I do love a good fiction book. And speaking of fiction, did you know that we have a published fiction writer in our team at Splashpress Media?

Robin Parrish is a journalist, blogger, and author. He contributes to our sister sites ForeverGeek and Apple Gazette. He has been so kind as to offer an electronic copy of his latest novel, Corridor, to you guys.

Corridor is an action novel that keeps you at the edge of your seat. Here’s an idea of the story.


On the eve of his seventeenth birthday, Troy Goggin finds himself inexplicably transported to an impossibly huge, miles-long structure called the Corridor. But what is the Corridor, and why was he brought to it?

It’s a place of mystery, wonder, and heart-stopping danger. It will test him and push him both mentally and physically. His only companion is the girl whose voice he hears inside his head, explaining the rules he must follow if he hopes to escape.

But there is much more to this extraordinary place than Troy could ever imagine. The Corridor’s true purpose — the biggest mystery of all — is revealed only to those who make it to the end.

You can read excellent reviews of the book at Good Reads. I have started reading Corridor, and I find it riveting. I can tell you this for sure: you just might not want to start it if you do not have time to finish the book!

So who wants a copy? Here’s how to join.

Step 1: Copy & paste the following, and then tweet it:

I want to win a copy of Corridor by @robinparrish from @freelancewj! Enter here: #contests

Step 2: Leave us a comment on this page to let us know you tweeted, and paste the link to your tweet in your comment. (Note that our comments are moderated, so your comment may not show up immediately after you click the “Post Comment” button.)

ONE winner will be selected at random from the commenters on or around 10:00 pm EST on Thursday, May 3. Winners will be notified via Twitter, after which you can send us your email so Robin can give you the book. Don’t forget to thank @robinparrish if you win!

Important: You can enter the contest once per day between now and the 3rd

Happy tweeting, and good luck!






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    Oh very informative info… thanks to share with us.

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    Andy Brackett

    Message tweeted. Thank you for all you do for us.

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    I don’t tweet. Any other way to get a copy of Corridor?
    I am on FaceBook sometimes. Not often.

    I have written 18 novels.
    Just type F. Eugene Barber

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