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So, I’m always on the lookout for “writerly” jokes. Yes, I know that “writerly” is not a word, but I use it on a regular basis nonetheless. It’s my favorite non-existing adjective, in fact. I like to fancy myself as a Picasso of the English language. Now that I have a fairly thorough understanding of the proper use of words, punctuation, etc, it’s safe for me to experiment and add my own touches and flourishes. Or an extra nose or something. (Just had to reincorporate that whole “Picasso” comment.)

Anyway, I found some new writerly jokes, and this was my favorite of the bunch. Because I have no illusions of my own diva-ness, I’ve gone ahead and infused myself into the joke as the know-it-all that I am:

A high school teacher is doing a lesson on pronouns with her Freshman class. She asks for a volunteer to use “I” in a sentence. Not surprisingly, the teacher’s pet raises her hand, waving it around to get her teacher’s attention.

“Yes, Lorna,” the teacher sighs, giving in. “Can you use ‘I’ in a sentence?”

Lorna begins, “‘I’ is…” but before she can continue, the teacher interrupts, thinking she finally has the opportunity to show up the show off.”

“Lorna, we always begin with ‘I am.’”

“Oh,” Lorna responds with a puzzled look. “OK. ‘I am the ninth letter of the alphabet!’”







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