Heidi Horchler, You Won a Blog Search Engine Platinum Listing!

Blog Search Engine Winner

As promised, we have chosen a winner for the Platinum Blog Promotion Package on Blog Search Engine. We used a random number generator to determine the lucky person: Heidi Horchler! This is her comment/tweet.
Blog Search Engine Winner
Heidi, you can see the features/links to your blog as follows:

Please check within 24-48 hours for two more links: EatonWeb and a banner on the Blog Search Engine home page. Don’t forget to rate your blog write up so that you’ll get more exposure.






2 responses
  1. Heidi Horchler Avatar

    Holy crap, this is awesome!! Thank you!!
    Senior Share Project thanks you!!!

  2. Heidi Horchler Avatar

    *Cow* I meant: Holy Cow!! Guess I should watch my language, but I was pretty excited to win. This is HUGE, Thanks!

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