How Can I Market my Freelance Writing Services Online?

Dear Jodee,

For people who have business clients, how do you go about getting them? What are people’s advertising methods? I’m currently advertising on Craigslist and find it’s not as effective as I’d like it to be. Are there other ways of advertising online that are more effective? Thanks in advance.


Dear Sam,

There are a number of ways of advertising your writing services online. Your web site or blog is a marketing tool that is always available to potential clients. Make sure that your copy includes the kinds of long tail keywords that clients in your niche would use to find a freelance writer.

You can also visit forums where people who are likely to hire you hang out and start participating in discussions. Make sure that you are adding something interesting when you do, rather than saying, “That’s right” or “I agree” and put a link to your web site in your signature. Over time, you will establish a reputation as an expert in that niche and the go-to person for writing work.

One of the most effective ways to get more work is to ask for it when you have finished an assignment. It’s much easier to get work from an existing client than to find a new one. Unless you tell the client that you are interested in continuing to work with him or her on future assignments, the person doesn’t know. A client may think that you are too busy to take on anything else or that you aren’t interested. Send a brief thank you e-mail or note when the project has been wound up and let the client know that you would be happy to discuss future needs.

What online marketing strategies have you had the most success with? Do you have a question you would like to see answered in an upcoming column? Share it in comments.


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  1. Chris Avatar

    Contact SEO companies. They provide the most regular, reliable work.

  2. Ryan @ creating a website Avatar

    I might be a bit bias since I help small business owners build sites, but I’d definitely consider starting a blog / site that demonstrates your niche abilities and focus on keywords related to your “dream” writing position, which could be very specific, such as “personal finance writer” or “technology writer.”

    It’s so cheap to start up a site and the long tail competition is minimal that if you pick up a client from the site you’ll more than recoup the investment. Just my 2 cents.

  3. Carol | Make a Living Writing Avatar

    There are so many ways to find clients! About half the strategies in my free report 40 Ways to Market Your Writing involve online methods. I’m personally a big fan of techniques involving LinkedIn…have gotten several $1 a word clients through my profile, checking “who’s viewed my profile,” trolling their job ads, and sending messages.

    Promoting your writing on Twitter can work well, too to get you noticed by prospective clients.

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