How to Motivate Yourself in Four Easy Ways

The “how do I motivate myself” question has probably been asked – and answered – a trillion times.

Why do we still hear it? Why do we still ask it?

It’s because there are always going to be periods in which we need all the help we can get to climb out of that well of demotivation.

I’m an expert – at experiencing low periods, that is. As for motivating myself…that’s a whole different story. I’ve learned quite a few things, though, so I’m going to share them with you today.

They’ve worked for me (at different times), and I hope they work for you, too.

How to motivate yourself

Use the carrot on a stick principle.

how to motivate yourself

You all know the story about the donkey and the carrot dangling in front of him. Do the same with yourself when you’re feeling demotivated.

What can you use as a carrot?

Anything you know you’ll look forward to:

  • getting paid
  • soaking in the tub after you finish X articles
  • taking a day off once you finish a project.

Set smaller goals.

If you’ve got a huge project, you might be demotivated because there is so much to do that you feel overwhelmed. If this is the case, break things down.

Instead of always thinking of finishing the entire project (and the deadline), make smaller goals for each day. This way, you can focus on each task better, get things done faster, and feel a sense of achievement every day.

Take advantage of (de)motivational posters.

Motivational posters and funny (de)motivational ones can do you a lot of good. If you prefer serious, then get posters with quotes that will encourage you.

If a dose of humor does it for you, then look for posters like these.

how to motivate yourself

how to motivate yourself

Get a bunch of them, so you can hang up different types on your wall whenever you feel like it. Alternatively, use them as desktop wallpapers.

“Waste” time reading things like…

I wrote “waste” because it isn’t really wasting time when you read articles like “Top 10 Famous Motivational Speeches“.

Other kinds of articles I recommend are those that “restore faith in humanity”. It’s an overused phrase, but it does work to uplift one’s spirits.

What do you do to motivate yourself?

So those are the things I do when I am demotivated. Most of the time they work. Sometimes I need to simply get out of the house. (Read: Why It’s Good to Occasionally Work Outside)

What about you? What would you recommend?






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  1. Samantha Avatar

    I love this post because motivation is something that can come and go without warning. Somedays when I find it difficult to get started on a project, I stop struggle with the task and I go play! I might sing, dance, paint, or play with my dogs. I just do something that is totally different for a short time in the morning, then I find that I am amped up and ready to work for the rest of the day. Another strategy that I always use is that I never enter my work space in my pjs. I spend time in the morning getting dressed and ready for work, as I would do if I worked outside of the home. It might sound funny, but I find treating the space as a work zone helps me to get motivated in the morning.

    Again, thanks for this post. Cheers!

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