How to Place (and View) Freelance Writing Job Ads

We bring Freelance Writing Jobs to you two different ways. The first is the daily jobs list. We troll the freelance writing jobs boards and post the best gigs for you on our Freelance Writing Jobs for Web and Print page. The second way is when clients email gigs for me to manually place in a stand alone blog post on the same blog. The problem with the second option is that gigs are emailed to me and I post them directly to the blog. This isn’t working. Potential clients have to wait too long for me to get to my email and set up the ads, and if they want them removed I sometimes have to go back weeks to find them.

Today we installed the AWCAP (Another WordPress Classified Ads Plugin ) Plugin in order to streamline the process a bit. A major change taking place as a result of this installation.

There is now a  charge to post freelance writing jobs. Anyone wishing to place a classified ad will have to shell out $10 for a post lasting 30 days and $25 for a post lasting 90 days. It’s all fully automated meaning no one has to wait for me to post and remove ads anymore.  If you’ve ever seen the amount of email I get in one day, you’d understand why this is necessary.

These ads can be viewed on the Freelance Writing Job Ads page or at the Freelance Writing Jobs for Web and Print page where I will link to any new jobs in the daily leads post.

Please note that ads for the following jobs are not accepted at Freelance Writing Jobs:

  • Jobs that don’t pay
  • Jobs that only pay revenue or traffic bonuses
  • Jobs that pay anything other than money
  • Jobs for term paper mills
  • Jobs that pay under $10

Thanks for understanding and bearing with us as we make some necessary changes. Expect more surprises in the next couple of months.


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  1. Genesis Avatar

    I hope this frees things up for you, Deb! I’m looking forward to checking out the ads.

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