I Love Indexed

There are a number of web sites that I absolutely love, but I just don’t visit all that often.  The main reason is that I know each of these sites could easily suck away any number of hours from my week.  Interestingly, many of them involve animals:

Some of them are snarky:

And some of them are downright tragic:

There are some, however, that are just so cool that even though I don’t check back regularly, I think of them from time to time and fritter away an entire afternoon catching up on months’ worth of entries.  One of my very favorites for this purpose is Indexed.  I love Indexed because the creator has found a way to merge words, images, and *gasp* math in a way that not only makes sense, but also feels really relevant.  Some of the diagrams she does make me laugh.  Some make me think.  A few make me scratch my head and go “huh?’  But all-in-all, I’m so impressed by her ability to keep these coming year after year, and I think everyone should check them out!

I love this one especially because it really does sum up how so many of us get into this freelancing life!






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  1. GE Anderson Avatar
    GE Anderson

    Thanks! I just wasted an hour and a half laughing like crazy. Feel so much better now.

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