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picture-2Tuesday I talked about some common reasons why writers find themselves in a writing funk. One of the reasons I cited was when writers have too much work they don’t have enough time to read other great work. Then the thought came to me – if you don’t have time to read other work, you certainly don’t have time to look for great work you should be reading. So here are a few of my favs in a variety of catergories and please add your own below!


DadCentric.Com – Be warned, there is a fair amount of profanity at this blog site, but the guys at DadCentric are great with their message – parenting includes dads too. The blog is funny, insightful and well written and one of those rare parenting blogs that points out the discrimination in product advertising toward dads.

The Motherlode – This parenting blog is a part of the New York Times’s website and it’s author Lisa Belkin is one of the best out there. Timely and timeless discussion with wit, compassion and lots of humor, this blog is a great one for your blogroll.


Freelance Writing Jobs Network (This site) – Several distinctive blogs with distinctive, expert voices and you may miss them! Some of you may visit some of our blogs, but let me tell you if you haven’t stopped in all of them you really are missing something.

The Renegade Writer – The spin-off blog to the successful book is chock full of ideas and tips about the writing life, specifically freelance writing.


TreeHugger.Com – More environmental information than you can shake a stick at, a free-range, renewable resource stick I mean. Divided into helpful subsections and full of great photos, if you are going green, thinking about it or just want a source of great resources this is a great site. The best thing is topics get an overall treatment, then you have the option to ‘go deeper.’


The SASCOM Magazine Blog – While taking a specialized look at the software tech industry the SASCOM blog is anything but boring and technical. The blog covers a wide range of topics from the Swine Flu outbreak to the environment, to leadership skills and how these seemingly unrelated topics coincide with the company, it’s mission and field.

I left out a gang of people I follow personally and those that have huge followings for a reason, I wanted to highlight some well known and lesser known places out there where writing rules. I know you all have some recommendations so list them below along with their subject matter and link!






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  1. SpikeTheLobster Avatar

    Thanks for those: I have a feeling TreeHugger’s going on my daily list!

    One of my daily visits is – quite apart from a daily reminder that my geekiness is, indeed, sexy (*grin*), they do a wonderful line in geek news. Gadgets, crazy cult-fan stuff and some excellent “Science is sexy” articles to inspire new creative ideas.

    1. Terreece Clarke Avatar

      I’m going to have to check that one out! Thanks Spike.

  2. Jason Avatar

    Thanks for the mention!

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