Jonathan Bailey of Joins the Freelance Writing Jobs Team

I’m very happy to announce that Jonathan Bailey of PlagiarismToday is joining the Freelance Writing Jobs team!  He will write about plagiarism, copyrights, content theft and related topics that affect writers on a daily basis.  I know he’ll be able to provide a great deal of insight to help writers protect their work and thrive in the ever-changing world of publishing.

For those of you who haven’t already found Jonathan’s awesome PlagiarismToday blog or seen his posts on Splashpress Media’s BloggingPro blog, here’s an introduction:

About Jonathan Bailey

Jonathan Bailey has been building Web sites for 15 years and has been blogging actively since 2005. He is best known for PlagiarismToday, his blog about copyright and plagiarism issues, which is rooted in his own experiences fighting plagiarism.  He also writes for BloggingPro, WhoIsHostingThis and Blogging Tips. Jonathan has also been a featured author on Blog Herald and the European Journalism Centre.

Jonathan has handled hundreds of plagiarism cases, but he’s quick to point out that he is constantly learning more, particularly from the people he connects with on his blogs and through his writing.

Please join me in welcoming Jonathan to Freelance Writing Jobs!


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  1. franky Avatar

    Jonathan, welcome on board. I am looking forward to read your entries here!

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