I used to co-blog at Kommein, a blog for community managers. It was my place to talk about social media, especially community management. The problem was, FWJ became too big for me to manage on a part time basis and most of my personal projects fell to the wayside as I worked hard to grow this network. So Kommein faltered for a while.

It’s time to dust it off.

The truth is, I miss discussing social media. I know I touch upon it here from time to time, but you’re here to learn more about writing than anything else. So I decided to revisit Kommein for those who don’t mind talking about social media all the time. I can’t promise that I will blog there every single day, but I’m making it my mission to visit it at least several times a week to talk about my other passion.

Some of it will be sharing what I learnd and some of it will be rambling as I discuss issues or news. Basically, it’s the same Deb talking about stuff I enjoy, just at a different location.

Will you join me?

I hope you’ll drop by Kommein and participate in the conversation. The name means “shared by all” and I’ve sure enjoyed sharing with you all these years.






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