How to Make Your Freelance Life Easier

Freelance and contract work has proven to be a viable job alternative for employees. However, not everyone is sold with the idea of telecommuting or working with a remote staff.

According to the statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor compiled in 2012, work offered to freelancers and contractors are expected to increase only by 3% within the next 10 years , which is considered slower than average. While freelancers can enjoy benefits that will make employees envious ,the problem lies in the inability of employers to find freelancers for their companies. Among the companies surveyed by Tower Lane Consulting:

  • 37% are unable to find qualified freelancer
  • 36% feel that paying freelancers is burdensome
  • 34% have difficulty managing and making contact with freelancers they hired
  • 68% desire a freelancer hiring tool
  • 60% demand for a tool that provides visibility and reporting options between them and their freelancers

Given these issues that aspiring freelancers will have to deal with, there are apps and tools that answer these problems to make your transition from office to freelance life much easier! Below are some of the best tools that you ought to use.


freelance life easier

If you are looking to hire additional people to help you with your freelance gigs, the next step is managing the list and filtering the best freelancers for the job. This becomes difficult if you have fielded in hundreds and thousands of applicants and don’t have the time to sort out each.

Thankfully, Recruiterboxmakes this process much easier by creating custom sets of steps that candidates must take to complete their application. This tool also lets you collaborate with your clients so you can share feedback and notes about the screened candidates.

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freelance life easier

One of the  reasons  why businesses look for freelancers is the supposed ease of getting the job done. Therefore, they will need a quick and easy payment system that allows them to receive invoices from freelancers and send the amount to them without complications. This is precisely what  Hiveage does .

“For freelancers, its all about getting things done quickly and easily, and that’s exactly what our simple, intuitive user interface offers them,” says Hiveage CEO Lankitha Wimalarathna. “We’re sick of clunky applications that require learning, and much prefer our users to jump right in and start doing. If you know how to use a web browser, you’ll know how to use Hiveage.”


freelance life easier

A concern among businesses when hiring freelancers is the time spent on projects given to them, especially if the freelancers are paid per hour. Because of this, different time management tools have been made available to track down their hours to be able to send to clients.

One of the best is Toggl, a lightweight and efficient software that lets freelancers track the time spent for work and generates reports for their employers. The tool allows you to add people to specific teams, allowing both employees to organize tasks for the different teams and freelancers to manage and bill for different projects at the same time.

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Time Management Tip #3 Give the Query a Rest


freelance life easier

Collaborating and getting stuff done has been made more convenient with Trello. This task management tools allow freelancers and businesses alike to set up cards of tasks to do for their projects. The cards can be moved to different columns on a page to indicate whether the task on the card is pending, on progress, or done. Its notification system will let people know when tasks are updated or need to be done immediately. More importantly, people can add members involved in the project to the board so everybody is in the know with regard to the project’s status.

What other tools or apps that you use to make your freelance life easier? Share them with us by commenting below!






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