Maybe I Just Don’t Test Well…

Aw, gee.  I’ve mentioned time and time again on this blog that I consider myself to be a “word-nerd.”  I love to use superfluous words, and I am a fiend for a compound sentence.  In addition, I love to read and to rend some deep meaning out of the words and passages of classic literature.  For an American, I’m pretty well-read.

Or so I thought.

I took this simple little quiz and was appalled at my results.  There were 17 quotes listed, and in the 5 minutes provided, I could only identify 7 of them.  (They even had the author’s initials listed as a clue for each.)  I may have to revoke my own word-nerd street cred after that abysmal showing.

So, now I’m curious.  How many of them can each of you get right?  C’mon.  Humor me.  It won’t take more than five minutes since there’s a timer and everything; and you can even count it as “work” since it’s totally writing related!

There seem to be a whole bunch of these types of games on this site called Sporcle, but the one I’m talking about is the Classic Quotes game.







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  1. Jelinas Avatar

    15/17! And I can’t believe the two that I missed. Totally read ’em, and not too long ago, either. :/

  2. Wendy Strain Avatar

    Had 11/17; should have known two more, just pulled a blank 🙂

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