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Leatherneck: Magazine of the Marines

From the Web Site:

  • We encourage writers who have a Marine Corps background to submit articles. It is best to query first. Material is reviewed on a speculative basis.
  • Since Leatherneck is a magazine published primarily for U.S. Marines, all of our material must be targeted accordingly.
  • Our usual requirements for articles are 1,500 to 2,000 words, accompanied by 8 to 10 color or black and white photographs, or illustrations and maps where appropriate, with complete caption information. We reserve the right to edit in order to meet space limitations or magazine format criteria.
  • All articles must be accurate, with the writer having checked the spelling of names and places as well as having checked all dates, numbers, etc. We do not publish fiction or personal vignettes.
  • Manuscripts, artwork or photographs should be accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope.
  • Our audience is highly varied, ranging from potential (high-school-age) recruits to active-duty personnel, former Marines, retirees of all ages and recruits’ parents and spouses.
  • Our theme is the Marine Corps: “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,” and we endeavor to include history, current events and forward-looking stories in each issue.
  • The publishers of Leatherneck assume no responsibility for the return of unsolicited manuscripts, drawings or photographs.

Young Rider

From the Web Site:

Thank you for your interest in Young Rider. Young Rider is a small magazine at the moment, with an even smaller budget. We don’t use much freelance work, most of it is done in-house by the editor, who also designs the magazine and shoots most of the photographs.

We sometimes buy 800-1,000 word “horsey interest” type stories. Stories or events that will interest kids ALL over the country that the editor is not able to personally. We need 4 to 5 good color pictures with stories like this. The pictures must be color and tack sharp. The pay is about $200 for those types of stories.

We do buy short stories (approximately 800-1,000 words) for about $150. They have to be “realistic” stories and not too sugary sweet. We only use 4 to 5 of these a year. We get a great deal of “children overcoming the odds to win things or struggling to buy or get a horse of their own” so we don’t encourage these types of stories. We would prefer funny stories, with a bit of conflict, which will appeal to the 13-year-old age group. They should be written in the third person, and about kids. The story should have a definite plot, some sort of conflict (humorous, serious or not-so-serious) and a resolution. No “childhood memories” please.

Please do not send in features. We do like receiving queries or ideas and may commission stories. Please review a copy of the actual magazine before sending in any ideas.

Washington Monthly

From the Web Site:

The Washington Monthly is a publication covering politics, government, culture and the media. Before you pitch a story to us, we recommend you read through a few of our back issues online or in print to get a feel for the type of investigative, system-analysis journalism we value and promote.

The magazine is published Bimonthly and includes investigative and opinion-based feature articles (2,000 to 5,000 words), occasional short news items and humorous sidebars (500 to 1,000 words), and book reviews of recent political and cultural titles (usually about 800 words). We occasionally print excerpts from forthcoming political books. We never publish fiction, poetry, or celebrity profiles.

Our editors welcome story pitches that suit our editorial mix. We ask freelancers to submit query letters in writing by either emailing us at or mailing submissions to our mailing address (below).

Due to the volume of mail we receive, we regret that we cannot respond to every story pitch.

All freelance pieces are submitted “on spec”; we don’t pay kill fees. The pay rate for published articles is 10 cents per word.





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