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Whole Life Times

From the Web Site:

Whole Life Times relies almost entirely on freelance material to fill its pages every month. We have only a few regulars, so the field is wide open. We depend on freelancers like you.

What Kind of Articles Should I Submit?

We are open to articles on holistic health, alternative healing, green living, sustainable and local food, social responsibility, conscious business, the environment, spirituality and personal growth; in short, anything that deals with a progressive, healthy lifestyle. The important words to remember when writing for WLT are ‘information’ and‘narrative style.’ We strive to provide leading-edge editorial that is not only entertaining, but also directly usable by our readers—information that mainstream media often abridges, is unaware of or is unwilling to print.

WLT’s content is largely local — issues, events and people in southern California — but we do publish some stories with a broader focus. In generic features (e.g. health-related), we use local sources for quotes and back-up information.

WLT accepts up to three longer stories (800-1,100 words) per issue, and pay ranges from $150-200.

In addition, we have a number of regular departments on our coverage topics, and these pay $75-125 depending on topic and experience.

Out and About is our FOB section featuring short, newsy blurbs on our coverage topics. These are generally 200-400 words and pay $25-50 depending on length and topic.

Behind the Scenes is a 750-word personal essay that often highlights a seminal moment or event in the life of the writer, and pays $100.

Query Letters

Queries may be sent via e-mail to abigail[at]wholelifemagazine[dot]com.

If you have not written for us before, please be sure to include your bio and up to three published clips or links. Alternatively, you may submit a completed manuscript. If your article addresses the categories described above, your treatment of the issue, the timeliness of the article and the quality of your writing are the main keys to getting published.

General tip: Keep in mind that WLT readers are more sophisticated than the average Joe or Joan when it comes to green living, health, personal growth, social responsibility and metaphysics. We prefer thoughtful, well-researched articles with an informed and upbeat tone. We favor a narrative approach in which story-telling is emphasized. We welcome in-depth reports and personal interviews, but outside of Behind the Scenes we rarely publish personal essays. Please include reference material for fact verification, and avoid using anecdotal claims to support your thesis or argument.

Horse Illustrated

From the Web Site:

Magazine Focus: HORSE ILLUSTRATED is directed to hands-on horse owners and riders of English and western disciplines. The magazine promotes responsible horse ownership, from providing tips to owners on better horse care and training, to alerting horse lovers about pertinent issues in the equine community. We direct our articles to the adult audience.

Suggested Articles: The best way to decide what type of article to submit is to look over a sample copy of the magazine, available at newsstands, tack stores or book stores nationwide. Look over more than one issue, if possible.

We need informative, in-depth, upbeat articles (limited to 2,000 words) that will help readers better care for and enjoy their horses. They may be about such topics as training (for both horse and rider), management or horse-related activities.

What NOT to Send:
• Fiction
• Personal essays
• Tributes to deceased horses
• Poetry
• Book reviews
• Please do not send breed profiles; this monthly feature is always assigned
• Series, columns and multi-part articles are assigned only to our established writers

How to Submit: Address all correspondence to Elizabeth Moyer, Editor, HORSE ILLUSTRATED, P.O. Box 8237, Lexington KY 40533. Enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with all materials, and please allow eight to twelve weeks for a response. If materials do not need to be returned, we appreciate knowing that.

While e-mail makes it easy to fire off those article proposals, it is harder for us to track, evaluate and respond to these submissions, not to mention concerns with opening attachments from unknown senders. In order to give your article proposal the best consideration, we prefer to receive queries via mail rather than e-mail.

HORSE ILLUSTRATED receives dozens of unsolicited manuscripts and queries every week. The magazine accepts only a small fraction of what is submitted. Due to the high volume of unsolicited work, we cannot review or respond to any material sent to us by fax, or material that isn’t accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Manuscript Requirements: Manuscripts should be double spaced with wide margins. If your article is accepted, we’ll also need an electronic copy of the text as a Word document that can be opened on a PC. Accepted manuscripts may be sent via e-mail.

Many great story ideas cannot be considered if we will be unable to find images to illustrate them. If specific photos will be essential to your manuscript, please indicate what photos are available to accompany your piece. It’s a huge plus if you can include professional-quality color transparencies (preferred), or sharp, well-lit 35mm color prints with these types of articles. Additional guidelines are available for photographers.

Reviewing Material: We prefer to review completed manuscripts on speculation. However, if you would like to query us before preparing an article, you must include a detailed outline of what the proposed article will cover, including any expert resources, and sample paragraphs as well as clips that demonstrate your writing style. We do not accept simultaneous submissions, but may accept reprint material from noncompetitive publications. We require first North American serial rights in the equine industry.

Responsibility: We cannot assume responsibility for material submitted, but reasonable care will be taken in the handling of your work.

Payment: Articles are paid upon publication. Rates of payment are based on quality, not length. We pay between $300 and $425 for feature articles. Smaller items receive $50 to $100 per piece. Articles accompanied by high-quality photographs or illustrations earn the highest rates.

For new (and new to HI) writers:
The majority of our articles are assigned in advance to our regular writers. However, we are always looking to expand our “stable” of talented freelance equestrian journalists. The best way to get your foot in the door is to query with a completed manuscript demonstrating your writing ability, and just as important, an understanding of our tone and audience, and subject matter appropriate to our magazine. Once we have worked successfully with a writer on a manuscript or two, we will feel comfortable entertaining queries or assigning articles.

Because we have limited space to accept and publish queries, it can take up to a year to establish this type of relationship. We always appreciate your patience and professionalism throughout this process.

Fun For Kidz

From the Web Site:

Every Fun For Kidz contributor must remember we publish only six issues a year, which means our editorial needs are extremely limited.

It is obvious that we must reject far more contributions than we accept, no matter how outstanding they may seem to you or to us.

With that said, we would point out that Fun For Kidz is a magazine created for boys and girls from 6 to 13 years, with youngsters 8, 9, and 10 the specific target age. The magazine is designed as an activity publication to be enjoyed by both boys and girls on the alternate months of Hopscotch and Boys’ Quest magazines.

Our point of view is that every child deserves the right to be a child for a number of years before he or she becomes a young adult.

As a result, Fun For Kidz looks for activities that deal with timeless topics, such as pets, nature, hobbies, science, games, sports, careers, simple cooking, and anything else likely to interest a child. Each issue revolves around a theme.


We are looking for lively writing that involves an activity that is both wholesome and unusual. We are looking for articles around 500 words as well as puzzles, poems, cooking, carpentry projects, jokes, riddles, crafts, and other activities that complement the theme. Articles that are accompanied by good photos are far more likely to be accepted than those that need illustrations.

We will entertain simultaneous submissions as long as that fact is noted on the manuscript. Submissions should be double-spaced.

Fun For Kidz prefers to receive complete manuscripts with cover letters, although we do not rule out query letters. We do not answer submissions sent in by FAX or e-mail. All submissions must be accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope, with sufficient US postage.

We pay a minimum of five cents a word for both fiction and nonfiction, with additional payment given if the piece is accompanied by appropriate photos or art. We pay a minimum of $10 per poem or puzzle, with variable rates offered for games, carpentry projects, etc.

Fun For Kidz buys first American serial rights and pays upon publication. It welcomes the contributions of both published and unpublished writers. We reserve the right to publish all material from the magazine on our website as a sample of the magazine. This is for display only on a limited time basis. Contributors will be compensated whenever their work is published to generate revenue and not strictly for exposure.

Sample copies can be purchased for $6.00 within the US, $8.00 for Canada and $10.50 for all other countries. All payment must be in US funds. A complimentary copy will be sent to each writer who has contributed to a given issue.





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