Newspapers: A Source of Freelance Writing Jobs Leads

NewspaperDid you know that your daily newspaper can be a good source of leads for freelance writing jobs? I’m not necessarily talking about the job ads, either, in case you are wondering.

If you are looking for work from local clients, the newspaper is a good way to find out what’s happening with businesses and organizations in your community. Check out the business section to find out which companies are introducing new products or hiring more staff. A business that is launching a new product may be interested in your pitch to update their marketing materials or web site to showcase the new addition to their line. The company newsletter may need to be redrafted – or the company may be interested in starting one for staff or loyal customers.

A business that is on a hiring drive may need the assistance of a writer to draft updated job descriptions or ads for new workers. The employee manual may need a facelift, or the “Careers” page on the company web site may need to be updated.

The newspaper may also profile new businesses in your area. Carefully studying the profile will give you some valuable information. You will find out exactly what the company does and who the owner’s target market is. The most important piece of information you will find in a newspaper profile is the owner’s name and contact information.

You may want to mention that you saw the profile in the newspaper and include a clip of the page when you make your pitch. The fact that you took the time to do so will get the recipient’s attention and make them more receptive to the services you can offer to the company.

Have you ever used the newspaper as a source of leads for your freelance writing business?


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