Not getting enough traffic? Key questions that can help

If you’re writing a blog for a client (or writing for a blog you own) you’ll be more likely to get return traffic if you focus on writing posts that get across what the specific blog is trying to sell. By sell, I don’t mean products, although that may be one goal.

Before you start typing away consider the following…

  • What information, products or services does your blog offer?
  • Is there any sort of benefit for readers who might come across your information, product or services and can they expect that benefit each time they visit?
  • What’s the unique slant of this blog – i.e. “Green” is too general. I write for many green-minded clients (and my own green blogs) and they all have a slant. For example one green client I write for only features products with a bling aspect – green but pricey and high end. If I wrote about those products at my green family blog which focuses on real ways that everyday families can achieve green living, those green families would freak and say things like, “These are not products for a typical middle-class green family – are you nuts!?” Know your slant or find that slant and stick to it at your various blogs.
  • How is this blog different from the competition?
  • Why should readers come back? Is there even one good reason they should?

You do need to answer the questions above before you write. Each post you write should fulfill the answers you come up with which can help make both your readers and client happy. If you’re not writing posts with the above in mind it can result in unfocused posts that don’t serve a purpose. That’s just making a bigger mess of the already sloppy Internet.

How do you make sure that you’re blogging with a clear focus – one that will bring readers back for more.


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  1. Natalija Avatar

    Right now I have four blogs and at the beginning I did not know anything about it. The first blog I lawful inside all in a row, so that came to mind, then I started thinking about the content. now I meet would be better, but can always be better. I will try!

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