Supplementing Your Income With On Demand Work

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Having multiple sources of income is an inherent part of being a freelance writer. While there are the fortunate ones who have longstanding clients that provide consistent income that they can live on, many of us need to hustle to have enough work to make sure that money keeps coming in.

Luckily for us, there are a variety of options to find new clients and create a steady stream of work. Platforms like Workfast is one of them, and it promises to provide you with opportunities to have regular work and connect you with clients who may turn out to be repeat ones.

Before you roll your eyes because you’re thinking of fees and all the other common ideas going around regarding such platforms, hear us out.

We had the chance to talk to Tim Nieuwenhuis, the owner and director of Workfast, and he shared with us the whole idea behind his business. Read his story, and consider why how you will benefit by being part of the Workfast workforce.

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1. How did it all start?

Like every great idea it was born out of necessity, we struggled finding workers through normal recruitment. After a lengthy and expensive hiring process we were left with workers that were still not quite suitable for the role. We decided to make an automated system with a pool of workers to choose from.

2. Can you explain “working on demand” for those who may not be familiar with the setup?

 Sure, “On Demand” means the process is all managed in realtime. You can put yourself as available and start working that day, you can turn work on and off as needed.

3. What motivates you to keep Workfast running?

The team here at Workfast is about building technology solutions to connect workplaces and workers in realtime. Our ultimate goal is to create a new way to hire flexible workers and change the recruitment landscape. Imagine a workplace where you can fill busy times with flexible staff that can slot in to help when needed.

4. What are you non-negotiables when it comes to hiring workers?

Quality, we base everything we do on quality workers. They are screened, interviews and vetted. After working they are rated which keeps the system honest.

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5. How do you determine if an individual can work as a Workfast employee, as opposed to a contractor?

 They must have a fantastic attitude and represent our company as though they are part of our in-house team. We value employees and our clients, so making sure we have fantastic workers is our number 1 priority; providing workers that are directly employed by Workfast means we can control quality and staff as needed.

6. As a writer, how would you convince me to sign up for Workfast (again, as opposed to your competition)?

Being a writer you can keep the freedom you enjoy. You can set your own prices and work as a contractor rather being tied to set rates and set hours. Flexible working hours to suit your schedule and the ability to choose who you work for are 2 of the main reasons workers love working for us.

on demand work

7. Can you elaborate on “higher rates of pay” for writers?

We don’t set rates, you can bid on a job at a higher rate if your experience and ratings are worth more. Freedom and flexibility in negotiating rates work on meritocracy and is performance based.

8. Realistically, is it possible for a writer to make a living solely as a Workfast contractor?

At this stage no, we are aiming at flexible temporary work On Demand which means additional work to supplement your lifestyle. In the future, workers will be hired out for consecutive jobs and booked out as though they are full-time workers. We think this will take a few years for the concept to catch on and become commonplace.

9. What are the biggest/most common problems your writers have had working with clients?

Writers are worth more than companies want to pay, this is the main problem. Accountants, designers and software engineers get paid great rates, where writers find it a little harder for companies to see their skill-set as valuable.

10. What is the one piece of advice you’d give a freelance writer in relation to on demand work?

Like all On Demand work, fantastic workers get great ratings and workers with great ratings get more work and higher rates of pay.

In closing

While Tim says that Workfast probably won’t be able to serve as your sole source of income, they are aiming to change the freelance landscape, and this is something we’re looking forward to. With the stiff competition today, having options such as Workfast will at least give you additional work to supplement your other client work.

Why not take a look and try it out?

On another note, do you have any experience with other similar platforms? What can you tell us about them?





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