Periodical Blog Checkups

While it may not be as important to undergo a blog checkup as it is to undergo a physical checkup – I highly recommend you make it as much a part of your routine if you aspire to blog full-time or dream of monumental success.

You can learn SO much by monitoring and studying your blog traffic, and adjusting the development of your blog to suit your readers and your personal writing trends.

Below are a few links for you to visit. Take some time to study the information you gather regarding your blog. Compile that information into a quarterly or biannual report that you can refer back to as your blog grows. Take care to note what you learn, how they helped, hurt, or changes the way you will blog, how you set up or change your blog – record all changes you make – this is fun to look back on but also serves as a valuable tool when trying to predict the direction of your blog.

By conducting this checkup periodically, you will likely learn something new, something exciting, new possibilities or even find reassurance in that you are doing exactly what you should be doing.

What are some of the ways you test your blog? Do you perform regular checkups?





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