Pitch Tips: Pitch Something You Need

By Terreece M. Clarkepicture-111

What’s going on in your life? I’m expecting my third child so I’ve been thinking a lot about organization, time management, not to mention childbirth options! So guess where my pitches have been leaning?

Being a freelance writer is like having a master key to all of the world’s knowledge. You can tap experts and satisfy your curiosity while helping the public. Your curiosity is one of the most important virtues you have as a writer and your curiosity can carry you through to becoming an expert in your niche and beyond.

Remember what it’s like to write on a topic you have very little interest in besides the paycheck that accompanies it? The robotic research, the attention to detail simply because that’s what you do and the long suffering sigh when it’s finished and off to the editor.

Now think about an article that you were excited to write about. Remember how you checked, cross-checked and double-checked your work, your happy dance when you scored a fantastic interview with a great source and the “Yahooo!” you yelped when you sent the article off because you knew you had nailed it.

Curiosity is a great way to move beyond the doldrums of writing for money and getting you back to writing for the love of it AND getting paid for it. Nine times out of 10 if you have a question about something there is a publication with an audience that has a question about it as well. Your challenge is take your questions, match them to a publication and present them in killer queries with a great angle.

So folks, what piques your interest?






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