5 Profitable Freelance Writing Niches in 2021

Building up your portfolio is one thing but earning wisely through freelance writing is another. What do I mean by this? During this difficult time, we, writers, tend to settle in any type of gig as long as it pays fairly and it’s quite stable. What we are missing here is that apart from what’s readily available, there are certain niches that actually pay a lot higher as more businesses and brands operate online, and it is definitely worth the time to study which will allow you to earn more.

Here’s a quick list of some of the most profitable freelance writing niches that you may want to start focusing on.

Finance and Banking

Finance and banking are considered profitable industries. Credit cards, loans, and other banking products are becoming more than just an investment but a need. With the many services and the competition out there, finance companies are more than willing to pay for quality content, making it one of the most highest-paying niches there is.


This is one popular niche nowadays – I’m sure you all agree. With the pandemic still taking its course, we can expect more health writing gigs whether it be focused on Covid-19 facts and news, alternative medicines, or even mental health. If you have a lot to share about it, this niche will make you earn big.

Home Improvement and Construction

With all the technicalities involved in this niche, business owners are willing to pay extra just to ensure quality content. From topics as simple as a review of the best disinfectant spray to building a modern three-story house, these all require careful research. So, if you happen to be an Engineering student or graduate, you’ll surely be a good fit.


Universities and online schooling platforms need freelance writers to entice more students and nonetheless stand out from the huge number of providers. This niche involves topics about the latest courses, online schooling guides, and even modules. Also requiring intensive research skills, this niche is perfect for teachers and working students.


With the sudden boom in the blockchain industry and the expected growth in the next 5 years, you will, in no doubt, earn big if you choose this niche. A lot of people are aware of its presence but not all understand every aspect of it – what’s it about and how you can actually earn from it. So if you are able to give these facts to individuals, financiers, and business owners, you’ll be in demand as well.

There’s more to the list – make sure to still pick depending on your skills and interest. Keep in mind that getting paid more means higher expectations and requirements, too. Good luck!





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