Reapplying After Being Turned Down for a Gig

If you have applied for a freelance writing job and didn’t get hired, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should consider that door closed and never contact that prospective client again. There are times when you should consider taking another run at getting hired by a client you would like to work with.

You Feel You Can Present Yourself Better

There are times when we apply for freelance writing jobs and realize afterward that we could have done a better job at presenting ourselves as a good fit for that client. If you sent off your resume and realized later that you haven’t updated it to include your latest experience and accomplishments, you may want to resubmit it.

You Have Gained More Knowledge or Experience

You may also want to reapply for a writing gig if you have developed more knowledge in the relevant subject area or type of writing the client needs. Before contacting the client again, take the time to rework your writer’s resume to draw attention to why you are a good fit for their needs now.

Tell the prospective client that since the last time you were in touch, you have completed/worked on/taken a course in X, Y, Z. Include relevant samples that support the information set out in your resume.

When You Really Want the Gig

If you have set a goal for yourself to work with a particular client and you have been turned down, you may want to reapply in a few months. It’s possible that the client’s needs may have changed and they need to hire more writers or the person who was hired for the gig didn’t work out.





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