Ridiculous Client Requests

Oh lord.  While I was hanging out on Facebook the other day, I happened to follow a link posted by a friend.  I mean, with the ever-so-descriptive phrase “Hehehehehe,” a cute kitty picture, and the title “yeah that’s not what I was looking for at all.” (all punctuation original) to go along with it, I couldn’t resist clicking, right?

It took me a second to figure out exactly what I was looking at, but once it sunk in, I had to laugh.  To be honest, it probably sounded something very much like “Hehehehehe,” as I sat at my desk and felt this graphic artist’s pain.  OK, I don’t really feel the pain, or it wouldn’t be nearly as funny, right?

How many times as a freelance writer have I had someone ask me to do something so silly and simple that it’s reached the point of asinine?  I have (more than) one client who will email me back an entire 20 page document, asking me to change a few words.  Not only that, but he will have already changed the words, marking them in red, so that I know exactly what to type and where to type it.  For some reason, it escapes this client that if he would simply not change font colors, he would actually already have his document finished.  Weird, right?

I have to admit that I most definitely don’t have the cajones that “David Thorne” has, and rather than coming right out and messing with the client’s mind, I just make the changes requested and bottle up the seething hatred I feel.  That’s healthy, right?






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