The Law of Attraction and Freelance Writing

The Law of Attraction (LOA) is a term that is being used a lot lately, it seems. The idea that our thoughts can manifest into whatever we desire most is an attractive one. When I first heard that “Thoughts become things,” I admit that I was skeptical. If it was that simple, I reasoned, why wasn’t I living the life I had always wanted?

Then I read a very simple explanation of how this energy works: Picture throwing a ball up into the air. It always comes back down to Earth – because it must. It doesn’t matter how talented an athlete you are or how much force you put behind the throw; it comes back anyway. You don’t have to be big enough, special enough, or good enough to have the ball come back down to Earth. You just have to throw it. Everything you project out will come back to you, and you have the power to decide to whether you want to attract positive or negative circumstances into your life.

How does this apply to freelance writing? Well, it has to do with continuing to send out applications and doing the best work you can. Eventually that effort will come back to you. It won’t work if you just sit at home and hope you can make it as a freelancer, though. You need to keep throwing the ball/making pitches to prospective clients.

At the same time, you need to think positively about your abilities and the fact that when you are hired, you will give each client your best effort. Those vibes will resonate out every time you apply for a job or talk to a potential client about what you can do for them. No hype, just substance, or in the words of a now-retired wrestler, “Don’t Sing it; Bring it.”

I must admit that when I first heard about LOA, I thought it was a bunch of hooey. Then I decided to shift my thoughts toward a more positive frame of mind. When I catch myself thinking negatively, I try to readjust my thinking in a better direction. I am not some kind of cheerleader type who is annoyingly cheerful, by the way. Just for the record, anywhere I happen to be is designated (by me) as a Non-Perky Zone.

So far, it seems to be working well. It’s far better to focus on the world of freelancing as being full of possibilities than a closed club that only the select few can make work for them. Keep throwing those (writing) pitches out there, guys. Eventually, they will come back to you. They have to.

Has anyone else tried incorporating the LOA into their lives/work? If so, have you noticed a difference?





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  1. Care Avatar

    Thanks for the insight Jodee! I too have been skeptical about the LOA. I have read The Secret and while I do have the best intentions I do unfortunately find myself consistently overcome with negative thoughts. I do agree with you and the whole concept, but it can be so hard sometimes to shift my thinking! It’s when I read stories like yours that I get motivated and inspired to try out the power of positive thinking once more. Thank you!

  2. Stonewriter Avatar


    I’ve read about LOA, but my first experience with something similar to it was as a kid. I wrote a recent post called The Crazy Writing Gene and I mentioned how I grew up in several orphanages. I got chicken pox while I was in one of them when I was ten years old. I was put in solitary confinement for a month in the infirmary. That’s were I began to make up stories to past the time (no TV.)

    I also came up with a phrase that I’ve used throughout my life to keep me upbeat. It’s a corny phrase and wouldn’t mean much to anyone else. The phrase is: They can’t take my birthday away. To me, it meant that no matter what life dealt me, they or it couldn’t control my life, unless I gave them the power to do so, only I could. I figured out in that tiny room that I had power over myself. If I wanted something, I knew I would have to make it happen. No whining or complaining.

    I added to the phrase’s concept after I became a Christian. Now I believe it also embodies the fact that no one can separate me from God, except myself.

    So, keep in mind that people can’t get your goat if you don’t let them know where it’s tied up, and they can’t take your birthday away, unless you give them the power to do so.

  3. ac Avatar

    Great post, Jodee. I especially like your “Non-Perky Zone” idea! It sounds like you and I would get along great. I have a sticky note pad that says “Thank you for NOT being PERKY” in big letters across the top. 🙂

  4. ciara Avatar


    I’m a freelance writer and was interested in the law of attraction, I started a blog about it.
    Yes, I have used it to inject extra life into my career. I think a key element is enjoyment. If you don’t enjoy your work and when you are doing it you are thinking, “god, I don’t want to do this”, then more work that you don’t enjoy will come along, or else work will dry up all together.
    That doesn’t mean avoiding the things you don’t like doing, if it’s work, but appreciating what you have for all its positive aspects.

    I sometimes write articles that I don’t like writing because I find them boring, but I also get to work from home, take a break when I want, and earn as much as I want (in theory). So, as I said, I think having a positive attitude and enjoying what you are doing is very important in drawing more of that to you.

  5. Caitlin Avatar

    Ciara, what’s your blog’s name? It sounds cool!

  6. Christy Avatar

    Great post Jodee! I’ve been fiddling with the Law Of Attraction and it really does work. If you mix focus with effort the results are great. In the end fear and complaining won’t get you where you want to be and the LOA is just a reminder of that.


  7. Scribette Avatar

    I think that “using” the Law of Attraction is great.

  8. Kami Avatar

    I also prefer the Non-perky zone. I can’t stand the “in-your-face,” cheerleader approach. The LOA definitely has a chain reaction, and we all tend to attract people who we are like. Positive thinking is so important in anything that we do. I truly believe we can sit on both sides of the fence, being our own worst enemy or our own truest friend. It is at the times in our lives when we abandon apprehension and just “let go,” that our true selves can be shown. Our purest efforts will direct our path to our destiny. Every person out there builds up a wall of sorts, regardless of circumstances, and doesn’t realize the damage that negative self affirmation can do. We all have in us something that is far better than what we see. Abandon who you think you are and embrace the person you want to become.

  9. Lisa J. Jackson Avatar

    Hi Jodee,

    Great article, and I do incorporate LOA in all aspects of my life. It’s a constant learning process because it’s easy for me to get caught up in the rewards of my thoughts when they start producing. I have job opportunities come to me from seemingly ‘nowhere’ which fit my experience and interests.

    Just have to keep sending the thoughts into the cosmos, and as you said, they will come back.


  10. Jenn Avatar

    I love this post and the comments. It’s so easy (for me, anyway) to get anxious and bogged down and worried that this whole writing-from-home thing was a bad idea. But Jodee’s right, we need to see freelancing as a word “full of possibilities,” instead of focusing on missed opportunities. Sometimes I feel like I am scrambling for more work, and then I’ll be talking to friends about my projects, and they say, “Wow, that’s really great. How do you find all these jobs?” and it makes me realize, yeah, I do have a few great things going on! Just need to remember that more often.

  11. Jodee Avatar

    Thank you for all the positive comments! 🙂 I am getting better at catching myself when I start thinking negatively. It’s happened more than once that something really great just falls into my lap and it certainly wasn’t due to anything that I “planned” at all.

    Instead of thinking, “Oh, I have to do (whatever), instead say to yourself, “Today I get to do (fill in the blank here).” It makes a huge difference.

    Re the Non-Perky Zone: I’m glad you guys appreciated that. About as perky as I get is to play “Shiny Happy People” (R.E.M.) on iTunes sometimes. Then the song gets stuck in my head, LOL!

  12. Your Vision Statement Avatar

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