These 12 Desk Stretches Will Make a Huge Difference to Your Day

Whether you are just joining the world of freelance or are a veteran remote worker, one thing is certain—sitting at your desk for hours on end is hard on your body. You might have heard before that “sitting is the new smoking” but as a freelancer, you don’t necessarily have the choice to be as mobile as other types of workers.

Luckily, there are methods for getting exercise (what we like to call deskercise) while sitting at your desk. Doing forms of deskercise, such as desk stretches, can also help reduce stress and increase energy, helping you not only get through but conquer your workday.

The Benefits of Desk Stretches

Research shows that repetitive motion, poor posture, and staying in the same position can cause injuries or disorders of the muscles. Stretching at your desk can help keep your muscles from feeling sore and tight as it increases blood flow and prevents fatigue and discomfort.

To help you get started, the folks at Tommy John sourced 12 different desk stretches that are geared at alleviating posture pain in your neck, shoulder, and back. Whether you try the half-moon stretch geared at alleviating pain in your torso, or the wrist stretch to help stretch tired muscles in your wrist, we encourage you to incorporate a few of these stretches into your remote lifestyle.

Explore their visual guide below to try desk stretching on your next break. Note that these stretches are merely recommendations. If you feel pain, stop and contact a medical professional.


Desk stretches






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