Use These 19 New Words In 2020 to Change Up Your Writing

A great vocabulary should be in every writer’s toolbox.

Using new words can turn dull, listless writing into something far more readable.

But there are a whopping 171,476 words in the English language and new words are being added to the dictionary every year.

So, what’s the best way to learn new words and improve your vocabulary?

You could open a thesaurus. But simply switching a simple word for a more complex one will make your writing convoluted and possibly even jarring for your readers.

Instead, try learning new words that have just hit the mainstream. From bingable, to snowflake, to zaddy, new words are emerging that are starting to be used everywhere, both online and offline.

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Global English Editing’s infographic below lists 19 new words for you to use in your writing in 2020. They provide a definition of the word and an example of it being used in a sentence.

Using words like the ones below can spice up your writing and ensure you’re a step ahead of your fellow writers. If you’re open to change, that is. 😉







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