What Do You Want to Read About on Freelance Writing Jobs?

Before I start publishing content on Freelance Writing Jobs, I want to hear from you to find out what you want to read about on this site in the future.  There are so many aspects to the world of freelance writing, but I’d like to start my journey with all of you by focusing on some of your hot topics.

With that in mind, please take the poll below and tell me what you want to see on Freelance Writing Jobs! Note: you can select multiple answers in this poll.

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4 responses
  1. WotV Avatar

    I would like expanded daily job leads. By expanded, I mean with notations of which are telecommute positions as well as notes indicating specific requirements (location, education, etc)

  2. Jeremy Powers Avatar

    A little less on blogging and a little more on business writing. I have been trying to claw my way into business plan, marketing plan, and annual report writing.

    The information and motivation here at FWJ is always solid. I expect I will be lurking around here no matter what.

  3. Tammi Kibler Avatar

    I would love more information about writing queries, proposals, and cover letters. Sometimes I feel like I keep tweaking things blindly. Online I can split test copy, but with cover letters and queries it is hard to get the feedback to know whether I am moving closer to or farther from what is expected.

    Copyblogger does landing page makeover clinics. It would be interesting for someone to offer cover letter/proposal makeovers.

  4. Brian Avatar

    I’ll second WotV. Give us enough info to know if we should click through (i.e. don’t just copy the title of the ad if it’s generic. Give us some information about what kind of copywriter/blogger/etc they’re looking for.)

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