Why Freelance Writers Should Include Employment Agencies When Looking for Work

I’m all for leaving no stone unturned when looking for freelance writing opportunities. When I look for leads for Freelance Writing Jobs, I have been seeing more of them being put out by employment agencies trying to find candidates for their clients. While many of them are on-site contract opportunities for copy writers and technical writers, that doesn’t mean the agencies can’t help other kinds of writers find work, too.

Since many agencies allow job seekers to submit a resume electronically, it only takes a short time to send in your information. You can add a cover letter explaining whether you are available for on-site opportunities or are looking for telecommuting only assignments. Take this opportunity to explain what kinds of freelance writing work you specialize in and what topics you feel comfortable writing about.

The agency itself may also become a client. These types of businesses may be interested in having someone write some web copy or articles for their web site. They may also be (or be interested in) sending out online newsletters on a regular basis or want to have someone available who can help job seekers polish up a resume.

Why don’t you send your resume out to a few agencies in your area and see what happens? It’s another way to find potential clients for your business, and you may be pleasantly surprised at what happens when you have several people on the lookout for opportunities for you.






3 responses
  1. JR Moreau Avatar

    I’ve had few good experiences with recruiters and many negative ones. I’d love some suggestions for some reliable and reputable ones in the creative sectors.

  2. Lindsay Avatar

    What a great idea. I didn’t even think of this. Thanks for all your hard work over here!

  3. recruitment wales Avatar

    Definitely a good idea. Obviously, it’s going to be a case of trial and error, but you’ve certainly got nothing to lose. If nothing else, you are expanding your business / personal network.

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