Why Hast Thou Failed Me, Personal Sense of Responsibility?

I’ve been having a really hard time with motivation lately. I’d like to blame the weeks and weeks of dreary weather (seriously, this is EASTERN Washington, not Seattle), or the move to the new office (still nothing on the walls), or the bun in the oven (did I mention yet that it’s a girl?), but I don’t know that any of those things gets full blame.

So, this week has been about avoiding procrastination and just getting things done. You know what’s a great/terrible way to procrastinate/not procrastinate? Write a poem about procrastinating for your blog. It’s kind of like you’re doing something writing related, but you’re not actually getting any real work done. Still, I feel a little less guilty than if I’d been playing online Scrabble during that time.

Oh, demon lethargy, let loose your shackle grip.
Swing no more from my ankles;
anchoring my thoughts, my hopes, my bank account.
When next you toss forth your maniacal laugh,
I will stuff this poem down your blazing gullet
To prove my productivity

So, what’s your favorite method for putting off work? Not that I’m gong to compile your suggestions and make a reference sheet for my own procrastination purposes or anything. That would be crazy.

…and it would give me something to do that’s sort of writing related. Hmmm.






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