Why You Should Considering Submitting to a Blog Directory

submitting to a blog directory

Online portfolios are necessary for freelance writers, and one way to build an online portfolio is to have a blog. As discussed in an archived post, Why You Need an Online Portfolio, a blog is not the only means of showcasing your work, but it is one of the most efficient and easy ways. It can also be part of your website, a dedicated section for your thoughts and experiences as a writer.

Where does a blog directory come in all this?

A blog directory is a website that lists blogs, provides information about them, and links back to the blogs. It’s much like a high-tech version of a phone directory, except that, in this case, there are other benefits to submitting to a blog directory.

What do you get out of a blog directory?

It is rather straightforward.

First of all, you get a link back to your blog. Link building is one of the ways to get authority, which means you get Google to like you more. The key word is “authority”, because it’s easy enough to get links, but that doesn’t mean they’re from quality and trusted sites. With blog directories that have high authority, you are sure that you get a quality link back.

Second, you get more exposure for your blog. This is corollary to the first point. If you get quality links to your blog, the higher the chances of ranking well in Google. That means that more people can discover your blog when they conduct a Google search. Additionally, depending on the blog directory, blogs are highlighted so that its visitors can discover new blogs as well.

Recommendation: EatonWeb blog directory

There are many directories to which you can submit your blog, but one of the oldest and most reputable is EatonWeb.

submit to a blog directory

Much like other blog directories, EatonWeb provides various categories so that it’s much easier to find relevant blogs. As you can see from the screenshot of the homepage above, there are sub-categories as well.

So why EatonWeb out of all directories out there?

More than listing blogs and placing them under categories, EatonWeb has its own special sauce. It ranks blogs based on 3 metrics.

The Strength Metric

This metric is calculated by looking at various web sources to see how strong a blog is. When browsing EatonWeb, you will see the strongest blogs first.

The Momentum Metric

This metric is calculated by looking at the growth of the blog over time. A blog may lose visitors and authority or it may gain them over time. This way, you can easily see the rising stars and the “dying blogs”.

The Overall Metric

This metric combines the two metrics above to give viewers an general view of how a blog is performing. It takes into account the age and growth of a blog.

Take a look at how the blogs are displayed based on the metrics.

submit to a blog directory

So you have a blog…

What are you going to do about it?

For sure, you write a lot of great things that other people would want to read – whether they’re fellow freelancers or just individuals who like connecting via blogs. They can even be potential clients, whom you might not find even if you look at freelance writing job boards.

Don’t let your writing go to waste when you can get more exposure by submitting to a blog directory.





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    This is really great advice! I’ll be looking into directories that are appropriate for my blog ASAP. Thanks! Check out my new blog at: http://www.marleywritesnow.wordpress.com/

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