Writing-related Tweets to End the Week on a Good Note

writing-related tweets

Not too long ago, I shared some writing-related tweets that I thought would inspire you and give you ideas.

This morning, it occurred to me that I haven’t checked my Twitter feed for writing quotes/articles in the past couple of days. I don’t have to tell you what happened next.

Here are some of the most interesting writing-related tweets I came across this morning. There’s some good reading material in this list, as well as some fun stuff. Enjoy!

Writing-related tweets to welcome the weekend

If you’re a screenwriter, or you’re trying to break into the screenwriting scene, these two tweets will help you.

This next tweet is really sweet.

Novelists who live with partners under one roof, what do you have to say?

This next tweet shares a link to an amazing article showcasing some of the most creative books, past and present. They really are amazing!

Because I like to lighten things up, I’ll leave you with these.

What do you say when you finish a plot or a piece?

When revision after revision after revision gets to you, remember the definition of spontaneous.

Have a great weekend, everyone. See you on Monday!





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