Writing-Themed Home Office Decor

In addition to family photos, notebooks, stacks of papers, and a random assortment of my daughter’s toys that are pulled into my workspace by some mysterious magnetic force, my desktop is home to this graphic print mug.

Image credit: Zazzle
Image credit: Zazzle

Whenever my idea well is dry, but I manage to break the hypnotic trance of the blinking cursor, I glance down at the mug, laugh to myself, and somehow get back on track. Like other writers, I am notorious for holing up in my office until I finish a project (or paragraph), but this has led me to realize how important it is to work in an environment that inspires me.

Fuel your creative fire by incorporating one or all of these writing themed accessories into your home office.

Image credit: CafePress

Write Now Wall Clock
Get it: CafePress
Price: $22.50
This statement wall clock is ideal for the writer who favors procrastination over production. Its faceless, modern design lets you know that “Write Now” can always be the right time to work.

Image credit: ElizabethanFolkArt
Image credit: ElizabethanFolkArt

Writer’s Blocks
Get it: ElizabethanFolkArt
Price: $20.00
A tangible, folk art spin on writer’s block could be the cure for it! Although small, these 1.5 square inch cubes, featuring definitions, pronunciations, and parts of speech for words like inchoate and timorous, could stimulate your creative process in a big way.

Image credit: LoveArtWorks
Image credit: LoveArtWorks

Punctuation Rules Bowl
Get it: LoveArtWorks
Price: $40.00
Even if you can’t embrace your grammar snob tendencies, you must admit that this handmade clay bowl is punctuation perfection. Keep it on the corner of your desk as a catchall for keys, change, and pens, or make it a home for your secret stash of snacks. It’s made with food-safe stains and lead free glazes so it could also aid you in satisfying those cravings for a bowl of cereal when you are up late writing.

Image credit: WallWritten
Image credit: WallWritten

Wall Decals
Get it: WallWritten
Price: Varies ($16.95 – $46.95)
The writing could truly be on the wall if you decorate your home office with a writing themed decal. Blank walls are a writer’s kryptonite. Filling the void with a big, bold quote from your favorite author or an encouraging phrase that reminds you of your talents could be the push you need to write well.

In addition to allowing you to generate your own custom decal designs, WallWritten hosts a variety of writing themed vinyls. Here are a few of my favorites:

Image credit: AllPosters

Bad Writer Poster
Get it: AllPosters
Price: $19.99
Hang this poster in your home office to inspire your writing via reverse psychology. Similar to how your teenage self was motivated to do whatever your parents told you not to, playfully reminding your professional self of what not to do as a writer will put you on the path toward productivity.

Image credit: KnobCreekMetalArts
Image credit: KnobCreekMetalArts

Writer Text Metal Art Bookends
Get it: KnobCreekMetalArts
Price: $62.99
Even though this is a sleek, stylish solution to organizing your books and freeing up space on your desktop, what I love most about this metal art is its message. Writers are sometimes dismissed as not having “real” jobs. Most of us don’t have an engraved nameplate or embossed business card to solidify our career status, so this home office addition is a simple way to visually reinforce that we are legitimate professionals.

How do you incorporate your passion for writing into your home office decor? Leave a comment and share your easy and economical writing themed ideas. 

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    Love these! My favorites are the clock and the blocks. Very neat ideas.

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