You Know More Than You Think You Do…How to Find a Niche

One of our readers recently brought up an interesting subject in the comments recently. They were wondering how someone who is currently a full-time parent can market themselves as being knowledgeable about a specific niche topic. The good news is that you know more than you think you do, and there are several topics that you would be quite comfortable writing about, if you give it a bit of thought.

For example, if you are a parent, you have knowledge about quite a few subjects that may turn into lucrative niches for you to write about. Here are some examples that may apply:

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Colic
  • Pregnancy
  • Childbirth
  • Childhood diseases
  • Immunizations
  • First Aid
  • Breast feeding
  • Bottle feeding
  • Kids Clothes/Furniture
  • Child Safety
  • Time management
  • Stress
  • Budgeting

If you are a college student or a graduate, you can write about:

  • College life
  • Choosing a college/major
  • Scholarships
  • Student loans

Do you have a hobby? Do you follow any sports regularly? Have you ever played a sport? Have you ever taken out a bank loan, bought or sold a house, or refinanced your home? Is there another subject that you find fascinating? What topics make you light up like a Christmas tree when you talk about them?

Make a list and find clients who will pay you to write about them. Your passion for the topic will come out in your writing, and will give you an advantage over someone who is looking at it as just another assignment.

Have you used your previous life experience to create a niche for your writing?






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  1. Tammy Avatar

    Good advice Deb;
    And yes, I have used “what I know” to write ALL of my articles. I am a homeschooling mother of 4 who happens to have a love for writing and every now and then can make a little money at it. I find it easier to write about things I am passionate about and I think it shows in my writing (which in turn, helps to get a job!)

  2. Cheril Vernon Avatar

    You’re right. We don’t realize that we are “experts” in many areas until we think about it. Right now I’m an expert in how teens drive parents crazy!

  3. Kathryn Avatar

    Finding a niche is as easy as creating a job description for what you do in your life. Write out all of the skills that you use during a day or week. Add to that list all of the activities that you enjoy. Add to that list the hobbies you have enjoyed in the past or at present. Add to that list all of the events you have attended, presented or endured in your lifetime.

    Now look over that list and find those items where you are most passionate. You have uncovered your niche.

    My question is “just how specific does a niche need to be to be able to create a successful website?”

  4. Jenn Escalona Avatar

    Great advice, Kathryn. I’ve been trying to find my niche lately and your exercise will be just the thing.

  5. Jodee Avatar

    @ Kathryn,

    You want your niche to be specific enough that you don’t have a ton of competition, but not so specific that only handful of Internet users will visit. Now…if you had a choice between getting a lot of traffic that doesn’t translate into clicks on your ads or product sales or fewer hits from people who are ready to buy from you, the strategy that gets more potential buyers to your site is the way to go. The way you get that is to test and refine your niche, making sure that you have content that your market finds relevant.

  6. Kathryn Avatar

    @Cheril Vernon – you are also an expert at patience, dealing with conflict and managing chaos! 😉

  7. sunehra Avatar

    I am finally starting two separate blogs on topics I would like to become an expert voice in;

    South Asian American bridal blog: While planning my own wedding, I realized there are almost no resources out there for most South Asian brides in the western world. So, my friend and I are launching a blog chock-full of South Asian wedding planning.

    Love, Sex & Relationships: I always have tons of funny stories to tell my friends about my love life and I’m the person most of my friends turn to for advice! I’m very candid about my sex life, in real life, so why not share with the world?

    I’m hoping I can practice researching and writing about these niche topics and become experts in them.

  8. shahnawaz zafar Avatar
    shahnawaz zafar

    hi All,
    Before writing any thing I would like to know how can anybody earn while blogging.

  9. Benjamin Hunting Avatar

    There are even some broad niches which can work out well. For example, my lifelong association with automobiles and racing has enabled me to share my insight and experiences through writing for a number of clients in the automotive field – which is a fairly broad one. Medical writing and music / pop culture writing are also broad but good niches, particularly if you have ever been published academically (for the former).

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