Your Turn: Does Freelance Writing Only Mean Client Projects?

freelance or free-lance free′·-lance′ (frēlans′)


a writer, musician, artist, etc. who is not under contract for regular work but whose writings or services are sold to individual buyers

There was a point in time when my definition of freelancing had to do with not being married to a particular boss. When I first began it meant having a flexible schedule and one or a variety of clients.  As my career evolved I’m adding other more passive income type projects to the definition. For example, blog, ebooks or books.  Not every freelance writer agrees, however.

I thought this might make an interesting discussion for the FWJ community. What is your definition of freelance and does that only include client projects?






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  1. Caroline G. Keyser Avatar

    To me, freelancing just means that you work for yourself and sell your services to potential buyers–whether that’s magazines, corporations, individuals, the government, or whoever. I don’t think we should set limits on who we can have as clients just because we use the word ‘freelance’ in our job title.
    .-= Caroline G. Keyser´s last blog ..Editor’s tip: Eliminate the ‘duh’ statement! =-.

  2. Heiddi Avatar

    Hiya Deb. I feel that freelancing isn’t limited to client projects. As writers, we can do our own thing. I write non-fiction articles for blogs and websites, but I also like to write essays, songs, etc. Freelancing includes such creative endeavors not linked to a client, but connected to our creative natures. Great post once again! :).

  3. Rosemary Avatar

    Freelancing is whatever produces income, IMHO. Passive income is great, but I don’t seem to make much from any of my blogs. ‘Got any secrets?

  4. Anne Wayman Avatar

    For me it’s both clients and my own work. I include even my pottery in the freelancing with the goal of making $600 some year to take it out of hobby status… a long way to go on that one.
    .-= Anne Wayman´s last blog ..Tweets From Freelance Writers =-.

  5. Wendy Sullivan Avatar

    For me, freelancing means a variety of clients – newspapers, SMB, PR work and even television appearances… I don’t consider my unpaid contributions to blogs (even my own) to be part of my business.

    .-= Wendy Sullivan´s last blog ..Out of my comfort zone =-.

  6. Dave B Avatar

    I agree with the others who say that “freelance” doesn’t have to include only paid work for clients. I definitely consider my passive income/blogging etc. as freelance work.

    Rosemary: I find it hard to make much money with my own blogs; most of my blogging-related income comes from other sites such as, where writers get some/all of the AdSense income from their posts. For one thing, sites such as these have lots of contributors and content, so they tend to have a higher page rank than most individual blogs. So they show up closer to the top in search results.

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