13 Authors Who Made It – After They Died

authors who made it

Finishing a novel is difficult enough as it is. Getting it published is another story. Hitting the bestseller list is entering a whole new world altogether.

We know that many authors we look up to didn’t hit the jackpot immediately. Some had to experience rejection more times than you can count. Many had to face criticism that would kill the fainthearted.

And then there are those whose work became famous only after the writers had passed away.

Tragic? Maybe.

If you look for the positive angle, though, you may be struggling like nothing else today, but who’s to say that you won’t make it big at some point? Even posthumously.

If that sends some encouraging vibes your way, check out this infographic featuring 13 authors who only made it big time after they died.

authors who made it

Got a favorite author in the list?

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