3 Most Common Reasons People Start Freelance Writing

The internet is the most common place that people turn to as a source of information. There is a blog or article for just about any subject you can think of. From stamp collecting to science experiments, you’ll find a source of writing out there talking about exactly what you want to find out more about. Some writing out there is all about sharing personal experiences, while others are non-biased news sources.  Behind a lot of this writing are the freelance writers who are paid to create it. 

The best part about writing is that. anyone can do it, and with enough perseverance, get paid for it  No longer are newspapers and news stations the authority on delivering information. Freelance writing is a venue by which anyone can be seen and heard. So, why is freelance writing so popular, and what draws people to become one? Here are some of the most common reasons why people decide to start writing as a freelancer.


When blogging first began, it was a way to share your thoughts and feelings online – like a web journal.  As blogging has evolved, there are now people out there making a decent living off it. The idea of making money off of your original content without having to go to journalism school is naturally appealing! Plenty of people get into the blogging industry with the intention of making money and nothing else. 

Freelance guest blogging is also a popular method for aspiring freelance writers to make money. The more visitors that you attract to your content, the more valuable you are, it’s that simple!

Passion For Writing

For many people, getting paid for your writing is more than just a source of potential wealth. Writers out there who have a passion for sharing their thoughts are simply looking for an avenue to get their writing out to a broader audience. 

They don’t care about analytics or how to bring more traffic to their blogs and social media platforms.  The idea is just to write and be appreciated for it. In many cases, the articles and blogs that end up being the most popular are the ones that originated out of pure passion for writing and nothing else. 


Society is more obsessed with fame than ever. Humans are naturally drawn towards the “popular” crowd and desire to be accepted as well. The writing world is no different.

Many people start a blog to create a name for themselves and be a recognized web celebrity.  It’s not long before the author of a blog builts enough of a reputation for themselves that they start being invited to be a guest writer on other platforms. 

A quick internet search will show you that there are millions of subjects online covering just about anything you can think of who need writers to create their content. If you’re interested in becoming a freelance writer, you’ll need to be capable of creating something original to stand out in a sea of established writers who have already claimed authority in their subject. However, with a little creativity and defined goals, you can create a memorable name for yourself.

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