30 Job Boards for Freelance Writers

One of the questions that I get asked most often about being a freelance writer is where do I find clients. One of the strategies that works is to visit job boards for freelance writers and applying for available gigs.

There are a number of specialty boards for writers, and you can go to general job boards to find freelance writing gigs. Here is a list of 30 online job boards for you to check out in your search for your next writing, blogging or editing gig. We hope you will be successful in finding a gig that is both interesting and profitable. Good luck on your search!

Job Boards for Freelance Writers

Specialty Job Boards for Writers

1. BloggingPro Job Board

The name of the site says “Blogging” Pro but you will find ads for copywriters, editors and magazine writers posted here.

2. Journalism Jobs

Don’t let the name hold you back from checking out this job board. This job board doesn’t just have listings for reporters and assignment editors. You’ll also find gigs for freelance writers and bloggers (both on site and remote).

3. MediaBistro

Another job board with freelance writing and editing gigs mixed in with PR, publishing and other jobs. Use keywords to modify your search to find freelance and contract gigs.

4. Canadian Freelance Writing Jobs

This well-organized site features job ads from Canada, as well as postings for US opportunities.

5. FreelanceWriting.com

FreelanceWriting.com’s Online Writing Jobs page offers daily updates of freelance writing gigs compiled from staffing agencies, private companies, indeed.com, Ed2010 and more.

6. Poewar

This site features detailed postings for gigs to work with clients in various locations. Many of them require freelancers to be local to be considered, so be sure to read the ads carefully.

7. Sunoasis Jobs

Sunoasis Jobs posts writing jobs nationwide from its partner site, Simply Hired. Stop by if you want to check out leads presented directly to you without having to search for them directly.

8. ED2010.com

This board posts only magazine jobs – internships, temporary and freelance gigs, as well as some permanent ones.

9. TheWriteJobs.com

Listings on this board are limited, but they indicate the title of the gig, the name of the company, and its location.

10. WriterFind.com

This board posts freelance and telecommting jobs. You can also post a basic profile on the site for an annual fee. Extra fees are charged if you wish to add up to five writing samples and/or a photo of yourself.

11. Problogger.net

Blogging gigs are posted frequently and ads are removed when the gigs are filled. This site has a variety of gigs sorted by date, so you always find the freshest gigs first.

12. WriteJobs.info

This site is lists remote freelance gigs in different categories (with pay rates, non-craigslist and editor jobs). You will also find listings for paying publications and writing competitions with no entry fee posted here. Listings are updated regularly.

13. FreelanceJobOpenings.com

Freelance Job Openings’ ads must include payment terms or a rate or they will be deleted by the site administrators. You can browse through the list of posts and easily find the telecommute opportunities.

14. All Indie Writers

The job board on this site clearly states whether the gig is for bloggers, book/e-book writers, copywriters, web content writers, magazine writers, business writers, etc. The pay range is also noted so you can focus on the ones that pay at a rate you find acceptable.

15. Writers Weekly

Angela Hoy posts paying markets for writers and job listings on her ezine.

16. Paid to Blog Jobs

Paid to Blog is a member service that charges a fee to provide access to provide access to its database of freelance job gigs. Sign up a monthly, quarterly or yearly plan and there is a 28-day money back guarantee.

17. SoloGig

Check out SoloGig for contract and remote freelance writing jobs of all types. If you’re not sure about which keywords to use, start with “writer” and see the suggestions the popup menu suggests. You can narrow your search by city as well.

18. We Work Remotely

This board posts only gigs that are not restricted to a particular geographic area. Its listings include copywriter jobs.

19. Freelance Writing Gigs

You didn’t think I’d forget to mention us, did you? Our own Noemi Twigg wades through tons (figurative speaking) of freelance writing ads to bring you quality leads for gigs on weekdays – for free!

job recruitment

General Job Boards with Contract and Freelance Writing Gigs

20. Indeed

Use the advanced search feature on indeed.com to focus your search on freelance/contract gigs in a particular city or within a specific number of miles from a specified location. You can also choose to exclude staffing agencies, if you wish.

21. Monster

Look for gigs on this board by using phrases like “contract,” “temporary,” and “telecommute” if you are interested in working from home. If you see an ad from an employer for a contract gig that doesn’t list telecommuting, why don’t you make a pitch for why you would make a great candidate for the gig working remotely?

22. CareerBuilder

Again, look for work on this board with different combinations of keywords. There are plenty of listings from agencies looking to place on-site freelancers so be sure to read the ads carefully if you are committed to working from home only.

23. LinkedIn

Visit LinkedIn’s job board and search for “freelance writer” or whatever your specialty is (technical writer, content writer, SEO writer, copywriter). If you are interested in work from home opportunities, it is worthwhile to search for “remote” + your keywords to find clients who are interested in offsite arrangements.

24. Smashing Jobs

The job board is part of Smashing magazine. Along with jobs for software developers, programmers and designers, you can find freelance writing gigs, as well as jobs from employers that allow telecommuting.

25. Authentic Jobs

This board is for creative professionals. It’s worth a surf to see whether there are listings for freelance or contract gigs for writers.

26. Coroflot

A niche job board for design companies, it has postings for freelance copywriters and editors as well as people working in sales, 3D modelling, art direction, content strategy, animation. (It also has the distinction of having “Awesomeness” as an employment specialty.)

27. Dice

Dice is a specialty job board for technical jobs. Technical writers or writers who know their way around technical topics can find some freelance writing gigs posted here.

28. Craigslist

Craigslist allows you to search for gigs in your own city, across the country or halfway around the world if you wish. There are some ads that you won’t be interested in, but to be fair, that is true of any job board. You can also find some real gems if you are dedicated and look at both writing “jobs” and “gigs.” Don’t ignore writing opportunities in the UK, Europe and elsewhere; those clients may be open to hiring a writer from abroad.


29. Facebook4Freelancers.com

If you prefer to see job listings through social media, this Facebook-based job board is managed by Brian Scott of FreelanceWriting.com. Postings are published several times each day for bloggers, copywriters, e-course developers, ghostwriters, etc.

30. Juju

Juju is not a job board, exactly. It is a job search engine that returns results from job boards, recruiter websites and employer sites from all over the Internet.

Disclaimer: With the exception of FreelanceWritingGigs.com, I am not being compensated by or personally endorsing any of the sites on this list. I urge you to do your due diligence in determining whether any of them are right for you and your freelance writing business.


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