A Freelance Writer’s Limerick

by Erika-Marie Geiss

This week, I offer an anthem of sorts for the freelance writer, that speaks about the trials, tribulations and victories that many of us share.

I write for a living, you see.
Isolated sometimes, is me.
My laptop’s my friend,
But it may be my end
‘Cause VISTA is on my PC.

I wake at dawn just to see
The offerings that there may be
I hope and I pray
To find the gigs perfect for me.

Several look like a good fit.
To these, I think I’ll submit
The items requested.
I shall not be bested.
At least one of them has to be “it.”

Guidelines are read and adhered to.
Included my best clips—just a few.
Now I’m ready to send
The app that I’ve penned.
I do this not once, but a slew.

New messages have filled my inbox.
An acceptance would totally rock.
A rejection, I’m sure
Is what is in store.
I’ll add it to my well-padded stock.

But wait, what is this thing that I see?
An acceptance? No, it just cannot be!
The clips that I chose,
The Ed likes my prose,
And published soon, I will be!

I write for a living, you see.
Masochistic? Yes, it may be.
Write and submit.
Apply, wait and sit,
But it does pay off eventually.






9 responses
  1. Melody Platz Avatar

    Yay! This is great. Thanks, #9!

    I love rhyming, humorous poems. I wrote one for my silly humor site just the other day. It’s about trying to learn the banjo. : )

  2. Jenny B Avatar

    Limerks are so much fun! Thanks for your wit #9.

  3. #9 Avatar

    Thanks Melody and Jenny. Glad that I tickled your funny bones. 🙂

    Melody, love your banjo poem. (I didn’t comment at your site so as not to lose anonymity.) Good luck with the banjo lessons! Perhaps the poem will turn into lyrics for a song. 🙂 We’ll be waiting for the Dueling Banjos podcast to appear on your site!

  4. Andrea Avatar

    That was really cute!

  5. Adam Avatar

    Very creative. And very well written! Kudos

  6. Phil Avatar

    Not “I once knew a man from Nantucket…,” but very humorous and creative. Excellent job.

  7. Melody Platz Avatar

    Thanks #9. It was really nice of you to visit my site. We people with fun poems have to stick together!

  8. #9 Avatar

    Thanks Andrea, Adam and Phil! 🙂

    @Phil, I figured I’d keep it G-rated, but some bawdier couplets did cross my mind while composing it.

    @Melody, you’re quite welcome!
    But “funny” was this week’s “to do”
    And I do have to say,
    poetry’s not my forte,
    so, it’s non-fiction from here on,
    that I’ll stick to. 😀

  9. Christine Avatar

    What a creative way to start the day!

    Thanks #9

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